Robert Greene: Power, War, and Human Nature

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Robert Greene is, in my opinion, the most important author of our time while also being one of the most misunderstood.

He is a five-time New York Times Best-Selling Author and his books are studied by celebrities, corporate leaders, and the highest echelons of the military, but this is not what makes his work so important.

Robert writes about the most important subject of our day: how to navigate the ins and outs of complicated human dynamics. In an increasingly interconnected world where we are practically staring over each others’ shoulders through technology, understanding the concepts that Robert writes about is more important now than it ever was.

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That is not to say that anything has truly changed. It’s tempting to believe that we, as human beings, can evolve past our primal drive to tear each other down. Using examples throughout history in each of his works, Robert demonstrates that these tendencies have always been a constant and he shows that our modern times, if anything, have exacerbated the effects of these tendencies.

As I mentioned in the introductory paragraph, Robert is also highly misunderstood as an author. His first book, The 48 Laws of Power, was highly praised, but also highly criticized by some because they believed that he was reinforcing our most destructive and dark tendencies. But, as you will discover in this interview, Robert is highly driven to help people to live better lives by understanding the people around them, but more importantly, by understanding themselves.

The discussion in this interview is centered on Robert’s latest book, The Laws of Human Nature, which is one of the most valuable books I have read in my life. Robert wants us to understand that we are not “angel-like” creatures descended from Heaven. We are highly capable of treachery, intrigue, and mayhem, and the more we understand this, the better off we’ll be.

I also have to say this: I have had many New York Times Best-Selling Authors on this program. Few have brought the sheer passion and desire to help our audience that Robert brought to this interview. You will learn:

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