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Wim Hof Wins The War


Wim Hof Wins The War

Warrior Wim 
The War
The “Iceman” — Wim Hof — Prevails
In My 10-Week Disciplined Attempt To Prove Him Wrong
Tone Floreal

SUBJECTIVE SUMMARY: After completing the 10-week Wim Hof Method Video Course, I KNOW w/o a doubt, that combining the structured WHM course of cold, breathing, and yoga exercises creates the alchemical catalyst for certain optimal physiological and psychological transformation.

HINDSIGHT – It would have been “cool” to have more before-and-after objective data to verify my own subjective realizations. That’s my wish for the future (since this was such a GAME CHANGER). I wish institutions will conduct the full 10-week experiment on beginning students of the Wim Hof Method with before-and-after objective physiological and psychological data.

Public Accountability on Social Media – sticking neck out there and being fully vulnerable enabled me to stay disciplined (even in the most weakest of times) to complete the course in its entirety without missing a single day even while traveling the world. I didn’t want to let my supporters and “fans” down.

When I first met Wim after being invited to his home in the Netherlands, I told him, “I’ve been trying to prove you wrong and so far, I’m losing the war.” He loved that!!  

Showering and Breathing Fits Seamlessly into Daily Lifestyle. Yoga took more dedication. I invested about 1 hour total every day.

Feedback is based on my own PERSONAL EXPERIENCE during and while finishing the course…These are my RAW comprehensive notes, straight up! 

Payoffs – Upsides –

  1. Embodied Happiness
  2. Embodied Health
  3. Embodied Strength
  4. More control over the mind. Overall Stronger Mindset.
  5. More Confident and Assertive yet more humble (Am I being cocky about being humble? LOL!!)  😉
  6. More Creative and Wild – increased use of metaphors and analogies
  7. More Loving and Peaceful
  8. More Intuitive and in tune, Bull Shit Detector enhanced.  😉
  9. More Self-Aware, more winks  😉
  10. More Patient and Compassionate
  11. More Funny (even writing that sounds funny. LOL!)
  12. Better Communicator
  13. Better Ambassador
  14. More Psychic and Telepathic
  15. More Synchronicity and Serendipity
  16. More Resilient 
  17. More Actualizing
  18. More Momentum/FLOmentum
  19. Stronger immunity
  20. Significant Reduction in Jet Lag, Hangovers, Anxiety and Depression
  21. More Energy, Vitality and Power, More Magnetic, Charismatic and Charged, More Alive.
  22. Limiting habits, “bad” thoughts, fear, doubt, anxiety and insecurities self-correct on their own.
  23. Feel Both More Human and Superhuman
  24. More Balanced, Centered and Flow
  25. Significant reduction to resistance and struggle. Better recovery from Hyper-Flow-Overdrive Hangovers
  26. Significant increase in compassion and empathy
  27. More Satisfaction, Determination, Influential
  28. More friends and friend requests, More opportunities and invitations
  29. More calm, clear and focused
  30. More clear visions and sense of feeling guided
  31. Natural exemplary leadership
  32. More graceful, grateful, thankful
  33. More connected to nature – interior and exterior
  34. Greater respect for life and sentient beings
  35. Feel and listen more. More understanding.
  36. Less or no body odor or bad breath, better skin and hair, better bowel movements, younger, better complexion – still have dandruff but less! 😉
  37. Increase in awareness – feedback bandwidth – notice more in and around myself – signs, signals, significance of words, power of words like “value, investment, etc.” – feel embodied with the words
  38. Self-deprecating – Laugh at self more
  39. Move past failures and rejections lightning fast. less dwelling
  40. Steroid-like hormonal effects in 10-15% performance (subjective perception) and positive body composition and physiological transformations – leveraged endocrine system
  41. More weight behind words
  42. Flexible and Stronger on all levels, including exercises
  43. notice that breakthroughs and epiphanies happen more frequently and is normal to learn constantly and flow more
  44. More Mojo, Juju, Halo, Aura, Pheromones, X-Factor, Sexy, Glow, Sweet Spot
  45. More noticeable – Contagious, Viral, Piqued interest, more respect
  46. Feel more, Heart more open, more grounded
  47. Less reactive and triggered. Even if, can neutralize or transmute faster – nip at bud the self-limiting thoughts and inner demons
  48. More playful and active, More child-like
  49. Can feel the Force, Mitochondria density, ATP enhanced
  50. Less judgement to self and others
  51. Still snap while driving car (so many idiots on the road, including me. HAHAHAHAHAH!) but sense of heart rate and blood pressure doesn’t increase, adrenaline response is under more control, stress response is significantly diminished, amygdala hijack is less likely
  52. Feel more Intelligent and Assertive
  53. Brain firing on all cylinders – access to more resources including vocabulary
  54. Provided a contrast from the past to compare and learn from.
  55. Going Deep – Realized Depth of Soul and Spirit – Flow Real
  56. Feel more and more like me, More permission to be me.
  57. Greater Love from the Heart without being creepy?!! LOL!! 
  58. Full Integration – proof in the pudding – body, mind and spirit
  59. Incredible listener, hugger and lover
  60. Don’t realize you are doing things you used to fear till mid stream or after the fact, surprise yourself constantly.
  61. Leverage and Loverage
  62. Feel like I’m reversing age like I’m in my twenties without the confusion
  63. Influence over fight or flight reaction into conscious response – hijacked or choice
  64. Contrasting Contrast – Better Filter – your own being either attracts or repels
  65. No excuses, feeling like I can conquer any challenge
  66. Hyper-present and mindful
  67. Significant less fear of the unknown
  68. Deep sleep, less dreaming hence waking up more restful, was a chronic over-dreamer (felt exhausted)
  69. Feel the literal physiological and psychological adaptation, breeding and bleeding confidence and creativity and more curiosity  – capillaries and neuronal bridging, neuro-plasticity and neurogenesis, healing and shifting
  70. Deeper presence, even though retention times were less
  71. Time got more wonky
  72. Saw stroboscope and felt tingles, felt the waves of neurotransmitters flooding system
  73. Broke down old paradigms – getting sick with wet hair in the cold, yoga stretching in the cold
  74. Relaxation during gasp reflex, shiver response and startle reflex under direct conscious influence
  75. Inner fire – brown fat activation and control of shivers while in ice
  76. Public accountability kept me from quitting even when traveling, or late training or bad weather, or monotony 
  77. Overcome perceived mental and physical barriers
  78. Mind disentanglement and natural sighs of release and relief from interior suffering
  79. Knowing the flow cycle from Flow Genome Project helped
  80. Hot showers felt unnatural while doing the course
  81. This shit is legit! There’s no speculation in my mind.
  82. Reset/reboot the nervous system – literal excitement to fully live and engage in life – return to how I felt as a child.
  83. Less unaffected personally by others but still not disengaged, disassociated or checked out
  84. More bonding and service helper high neuro-chemicals
  85. reduction of tension in tissues, more fluid body movements and posture
  86. greater capacity to work, less stressed and accepting of challenges 
  87. things clicking more often
  88. progression and momentum
  89. black and white to technicolor 3D IMAX VR
  90. responsibility  – embrace chaos
  91. more laser intensity in eyes according to people’s feedback
  92. awareness of breath and breathing
  93. more social and goofy and engaging
  94. Improved sex hormones and functions 😉
  95. Monkey Mind under control
  96. More Non-attached
  97. heart – less stress to pump as periphery blood vessel pick up the slack.
  98. Satisfied and Rewarded for taking risk and making the effort.
  99. Food taste better, Overall Sensory Enhancement, Becoming more naturally a morning person, improved appetite and conscious food choices.
  100. Wim Hof Method is simple, yet effective. I drank the Kool-Aid and took the RED PILL and… Overall, I feel FUCKING AWESOME!!! 🙂

Tradeoff – Downsides – These seemed this way but are actually blessings in disguise as a feedback guide/teacher for iteration and continual evolution, progress and growth…

  1. Connection to Circadian Rhythm of Nature means I got tired at 5pm winter time darkness – made it more difficult to have longer productive days.
  2. I developed crazy munchies at night after unintentionally fasting during the day (this didn’t matter as I still lost fat and gained muscle)
  3. Old patterns and conditioning are subject to examination and elimination – even though not pleasant at time during catharsis = blessings in disguise
  4. I had initial fear of Pneumonia (had yellow and green phlegm congestion in sinuses and lungs) yet I still pressed on based on listening to my intuition. Other fears: Getting Sick and Dying, Creating Permanent Damage, never experienced a Cold Detox Effect, other unknowns. etc.
  5. Still had off-days and needed naps occasionally
  6. How do you quantify more Happiness, Health and Strength? Who sets the optimal standards? – seemed personal to me based on how I felt especially after developing a more sensitive body/brain connection during the course.
  7. By the time I realize and actualize these things subjectively and objectively (the adaptational effects happened, i just didn’t measure a majority of them although I super curious), I cared less about measuring it anymore but I feel so DAMN GOOD?!! I still would love for science to run the objective experiments to validate, verify and confirm on me and others. 
  8. Yes, the cold still fucking sucks after completing the course yet the payoff is super rewarding. Wim said it first and best on the London Real interview… “People think I like the cold too much. I fucking hate it, man. I don’t like it all! I like it warm – hot place. I like palm trees!..THUS, I RESPECT THE COLD. IT’S MY TEACHER.” ~ Wim Hof
  9. I still sweat profusely when it’s hot, while working out or in a hurry.
  10. Still need 7-9 hours of sleep
  11. Excessive yawning during the beginning of course, maybe some sort of physiological shifting going on?? I don’t know.
  12. Not all pain/myofascial trigger points in body disappeared but significantly reduced 
  13. Afterdrop effect (intense shivering after the end of cold exposure) is not pleasant sometimes, especially if using hot water to warm back up.
  14. I can still be absentminded – daydreaming – imaginative – forgetful of things – insignificant things become less important. Overall, feel more integrated and grounded in the body.
  15. Still feel negative emotions and reactions, although not polarized by them and can consciously shift state/mood in the moment easier than ever before.

BE SAFE!!! — DO NOT do breathing exercises in the water (shallow water blackout) or while driving/operating machinery.

DON’T FORCE – Progress wisely and build momentum through consistency. Just go a little past your comfort zone. No need to take the BIG RISKY LEAPS or experience the AFTERDROP EFFECT because you pushed or forced too hard. It doesn’t take much stimulus to create an adaptation response.

Just like weight training, slow steady progression is a better long game and safe approach than trying to lift a car on your first day. The BIG LEAPS occurs when you see what your initial pre-testing data were when you started and then, 10 weeks later, seeing what your post-testing data are. You’ll be blown away how much progress and adaptation you’ve made over that short period of time.

While the Wim Hof Method is powerful — both physiologically and psychologically — and is a effective path toward Health, Happiness and Strength, you still need to DO THE INNER WORK to locate the cause of your anxiety, depression, addictions, or other suboptimal subconscious emotions. 

The Wim Hof Method, by itself, will not eliminate old, self-limiting patterns. Be careful of not falling into the spiritual trap, known as the Spiritual Bypass, where you use a powerful technique to just “get high” or blissed out on the endogenous state (bliss junkie) that occurs when doing any breathing techniques, cold/hot exposure, meditation and/or other methods that influences the physiology and psychology of the body and brain. 

Be careful not to use the Wim Hof Method like a magic “chill” pill. It’s not a cure or panacea. It can influence and create the stimulus needed for the body to reset itself. However, you must also work on creating new habits and making better choices, or else, if you regress from the Wim Hof Method, your old habits will still dominate you. 

Again, don’t fall into the trap of getting high off your own supply/shit/stash (endogenous opiates and neuro-chemicals/hormones) which temporary suppresses any negative symptoms and makes you feel good, but does not create permanent transformative changes by itself unless you actually do THE WORK simultaneously (working on your psychology through self-help or through a trained professional) – Explore your inner emotional triggers that is creating unease and let them go, while integrating and remaining whole. 

In the spiritual traditions, one of the traps is to “chase the dragon” — the high that occurs from having a profound experience or shift. This is similar to a heroin junkie who is seeking that first incredible high and continues to shoot up time and time again, never to find that first nirvana state and ends up OD’ing. Similarly, meditators can get addicted to the high they feel from meditation and in the effort to discover enlightenment, end up having a hard time interacting and functioning in the world — oftentimes losing their jobs, having relationship problems, their lives begins to unravel, etc.

In the dedicated and devoted effort to achieve these high “aware” states, be careful not to disassociate from the body and from the world. Be aware of all your personal cognitive biases. Have a community or tribe of people you trust that can reveal your blindspots.


  1. Keep your feet on the ground when your head is in the clouds.
  2. Transcend and INCLUDE all the lower levels. 
  3. Integrate.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself only to yourself. Understand yourself and progress with maturity.
  5. Understand the difference between a positive culture/tribe vs. a negative cult/egocentric teacher. Like Wim says, “I’m not your motherfucking guru.”
  6. Finally, EveryBODY is different. We all have different metabolic rates and sensitivities based on sex, activity levels, muscle mass, hormones, resolve of mind, understanding of self and etc. Learn to become more situationally aware of yourself and your surroundings. Adjust and course correct based on the internal and external feedback (data) you quantify. This is the fun part of truly maturing and really understanding what makes you tick. The cold training cuts through the bullshit.

Baseline Testing before start of the 10 week WHM COURSE – 

  • Breath hold (with air in lungs) = 50 secs
  • Pushups (while breathing) = 28
  • Coldest Personal Best (full body ice bath) =  -0.7 C, 30.7 F  for 20 minutes
  • Coldest Outside Temperature Exposure =  3 C, 37.4 F


Personal Bests during the 10-week WHM COURSE –  

– Max pushups (w/o air in lungs)

fists = 75 

palms = 77 

– Longest retention time (w/o air in lungs) = 3:10 minutes

~ Wim Hof Quotes ~
“I’m not afraid to die. I’m afraid not to live fully.”
“What I am capable of, anyone can do.”

Hope you enjoyed my personal summary of my experience experimenting with the 10-week Wim Hof Method. The course truly upgraded my life and has become permanently part of my lifestyle! I am truly grateful to Wim Hof for discovering this simple, no BS method and sharing it to the world. As he says, there’s no more speculation. Science is proving it. Don’t take our word for it. Find out for yourself if it helps you COME ALIVE. Otherwise, it is still merely speculation in your own life.

If you want to JUST FUCKING DO IT, here’s the link for WIM’s FULL ENCHILADA 10-WEEK COURSE:


*** 100% of ALL AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS earned from this link is donated to THE WARRIOR ANGELS FOUNDATION  ( http://waftbi.org )  which pays for the treatment of Veterans suffering from Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) under the protocols of Dr. Mark Gordon ( http://millenniumhealthcenters.com ) ***

So with that…like Porky Pig says, “Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-… That’s all, folks.”  Mahalo Nui Loa.

Aloha with Love,

Tone Floreal

Chris Albert

Chris Albert is the host of the Warrior Soul Podcast and Founder of Warrior Soul. Chris is also a world wide trainer and nutrition coach and is a contributing author at Testosterone Nation and Muscle and Strength.

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