Episode 18: Thoughts from the Rio Olympics

by Christopher Albert November 15, 2016

Episode 18: Thoughts from the Rio Olympics


Had an amazing time down at the 2016 Olympic Games last week.  I wanted to take this opportunity to give you some lessons I've learned from the trip including:

- My own fear of getting out of my comfort zone and how that may be holding me back. 

- Some things I'm reading and listening to now that could really help you out. 

- Some basic tips about nutrition that I think can help you to live your life better


Books mentioned:


Christopher Albert
Christopher Albert


Chris is the founder and owner of Warrior Soul Apparel and is an international fitness coach. Chris served in the US Marine Corps, and is certified as a trainer through the NSCA and NASM. He is also a Sports Nutrition Specialist and has a BA and MA from the University of Connecticut and Doctoral Candidacy at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

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