Episode 39: Wounded by War, but Never Broken with Retired Green Beret Kevin Flike

by Christopher Albert May 06, 2017

Episode 39: Wounded by War, but Never Broken with Retired Green Beret Kevin Flike

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Kevin Flike is a medically retired Green Beret and graduate of the Sloan School of Management at MIT and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Kevin enlisted in the US Army in 2006 and volunteered for Special Forces training. In September of 2011, Kevin was shot through the lower abdomen while on deployment in Afghanistan. 

Kevin was medically separated from the Army, but did not rest. He immediately began working to get into graduate school at MIT and Harvard. Today, Kevin is a wealth manager for one of the top financial services firms in the world. 

In his life, Kevin has been through hardship, near death experience, pain, and giant obstacles, and yet he persisted each time until he accomplished what he set out to do. This is one of the most inspiring episodes we've put out. Regardless of who you are or where you're at in life, you will get a lot out of this episode.

Kevin's Website: www.woundedbywar.com

Kevin's Twitter: @woundedbywar

Christopher Albert
Christopher Albert


Chris is the founder and owner of Warrior Soul Apparel and is an international fitness coach. Chris served in the US Marine Corps, and is certified as a trainer through the NSCA and NASM. He is also a Sports Nutrition Specialist and has a BA and MA from the University of Connecticut and Doctoral Candidacy at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

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