Episode 43: Navy Seal Veteran Adam La Reau of o2x Human Performance and Training for the Tactical Athlete

by Christopher Albert June 01, 2017

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Adam La Reau is Co-Founder of O2X Human Performance, a company that trains and educates first responders and tactical organizations on Maximizing Human Performance. As a founder of O2X, Adam runs operations and curriculum development.

Prior to O2X, Adam was a former Lieutenant Commander (SEAL) in the United States Navy.  Having left active duty in August 2013, Adam attended the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and received a Master of Public Administration.  Following his passions, he created a non-profit called ‘One Summit’ to help build resilience in children with cancer that has spread to three major cities and being utilized in post-traumatic growth studies.

Here's a little video about o2x:


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Christopher Albert
Christopher Albert


Chris is the founder and owner of Warrior Soul Apparel and is an international fitness coach. Chris served in the US Marine Corps, and is certified as a trainer through the NSCA and NASM. He is also a Sports Nutrition Specialist and has a BA and MA from the University of Connecticut and Doctoral Candidacy at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

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