About Chris Albert: Why I'm the Biggest Failure Ever, and Why You Should Still Listen to Me

Most people use their "About Me" page just to talk about their accolades.

I'm not going to do that.

Rather, I'm going to be very honest with you about my shortcomings and imperfections with the hope that you don't skip out before I tell you why you should listen to me.  


Life has a funny way of messing with you. Sometimes it can feel like you're a tiny ant and there's some kid up in the sky constantly trying to burn you with a magnifying glass. 

But that, in and of itself, is an illusion. Life isn't easy for anyone on this planet and everyone has their battles. Here are some of mine: 

  • I've been broke most of my life.

  • I've screwed up just about every relationship I've ever been in.

  • I served in the Marine Corps, but my service was pretty anti-climactic and I was probably, at best, a marginal Marine.

  • I've ruined just about every business I've ever started except for this one.

  • I suffer from a disease called Ulcerative Colitis that forces me to run to a bathroom 30 times a day with bloody bowel movements when I'm in a flare up. 

So you're probably asking, "then what the hell makes you special and why the hell do you have a web site?" 

Well, if you did ask that, then you've already figured it out.

There's nothing really that makes me special except for the fact that I've never given up: 

  • Despite all of my business failures, I'm still standing and running Warrior Soul.

  • Despite my poor relationship record, I've found the woman of my dreams and I live with her here in southern California. 

  • Even though I have Ulcerative Colitis and I'm pushing 40 years old, I'm still training hard, rolling Jiu Jitsu, and living my life. 

I wake up every morning with one purpose: to give hope to those who feel like they've lost it.

As a veteran, a lot of my focus is on the veteran community, but even if you aren't a veteran I think you'll find a lot of useful information here that can help you. 

Our content focuses on helping you to live your best life. That's something different for everyone, but there are certain things that transcend each individual's specific situation. 

  • Health - because without it you can't live a complete life. 

  • Fitness - because the fitter you are, the more capable you are of enjoying life. 

  • Self Awareness - because you have to live with yourself and you need to know what's preventing you from living the life you want. 

You will find information amongst my videos, articles, and podcast episodes that will help you with all three, and my hope is that you use the advice that you get from these to forge your own path to the life that you want. 

So now that I've told you about all of my failures and my imperfections, here are some of the things you should know about my background in addition to being a Marine Corps Veteran. I'm not telling you these things to brag, but rather to let you know that I'm not some quack who's just going to hand you advice I cooked up in my book of spells:

  • I'm an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist. 

  • I've coached hundreds of people around the world in fitness including professional athletes, fitness models, fighters, corporate executives, and bodybuilders. 

  • Amongst my most well known advisees were Mike Rashid and CT Fletcher. 

  • None of this means that I know everything, and you'll find that when my knowledge is not complete, I defer to the experts either by citing them in my written work or by interviewing them on my podcast. 

  • I am actually a trained Social Scientist with an expertise in conflict resolution and decision-making. I gained this expertise as a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of California at Santa Barbara where I passed my doctoral exams, advanced to Doctoral Candidacy by defending my dissertation prospectus, but I decided that the life of a professor was not for me and I left to open up a gym in Southern California. In short, I'm a Ph.D dropout. 

  • The gym I helped found was Metroflex Gym, Long Beach - one of the most well known gyms in the world. I owned a percentage of it for three years, but had to give up ownership in the midst of my divorce due to financial issues (I told you I screwed up a lot). 

  • For some reason, Brian Rose, the founder and host of London Real, sees some talent in me, and I've been the Lead Instructor of the London Real Academy since 2016. Through London Real, I've coached hundreds of students in business, broadcasting, and self-improvement with great success. 

  • I am also the founder of Warrior Soul Apparel, a clothing company for US Military veterans. I started this company while I was living out of my car in 2013 and I've been running it ever since. 

So there it is. I've aired a bunch of my dirty laundry for you with the hope that it helps you to understand one big thing about yourself: YOU'RE GOOD ENOUGH TO DESERVE A GOOD LIFE. If you decide to consume my content, follow me on social media, join my newsletter, or buy one of my products, my promise to you is this, I will do everything in my power to help you realize that statement and to reach your true potential. 

If you do decide that you want my advice in your life, here's some things you should do:

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Thanks for giving me the opportunity to tell you more about myself. Hopefully, I'll see you around.