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“In our lives there are many wars to be fought. This book takes us from the battlefields of Afghanistan to Andrew’s unrelenting battle to be whole again--for himself, his family, and so he could go on to help others suffering from TBIs on a major scale. It’s a raw reminder that even in a brain injured state, the mind can clearly triumph.”

– Joe Rogan Comedian, UFC commentator,

Host of The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

The highly anticipated book from Green Beret Andrew Marr and Adam Marr, bring together the latest in traumatic brain injury research, identification, and the clinical application to present a new paradigm of health. This book will change everything you think you know about traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder!


A Brain Injured Special Forces Green Beret’s Journey Back From the Brink

By Andrew Marr and Adam Marr

What if everything we thought was known about TBI's and PTSD was wrong?

There is a solution.

I am living proof.

This is my story.

As a Special Forces demolitions expert, I was in and around countless explosions. A career spent enduring concussive blast after concussive blast finally caught up with me. I was medically retired with a VA service disability rating of 100%.

My life unraveled to the point I felt my family would benefit more if I ceased to exist. In this book, I share the principles and tools that saved my life, launched me on a path to start a foundation to help others in similar conditions when all doors seem closed. 

The events, lessons learned, and practical applications provided were paid for in blood. When all hope seemed lost, the values outlined served to illuminate my alternative path.

Those who apply the principles will be empowered to create their own way, regardless of circumstance.

This book offers a new solution and will change everything you think you know about traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder in Veterans.

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“In our lives there are many wars to be fought. This book takes us from the battlefields of Afghanistan to Andrew’s unrelenting battle to be whole again--for himself, his family, and so he could go on to help

others suffering from TBIs on a major scale. It’s a raw reminder that even in a brain injured state, the mind can clearly triumph.”

– Joe Rogan

Comedian, UFC commentator,

Host of The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast



“Andrew Marr is a war hero and Special Forces veteran who was knocked unconscious eliminating a weapons cache in Afghanistan less then 50 meters away from him and his team while pinned down from effective enemy fire. This event and several more led to numerous documented disabilities including Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress. Returning home, he found himself on 13 medications including those for depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Andrew knew he was at a crossroads. This was the beginning of Andrew’s own healing. He quit tobacco, stopped drinking, came off all medication, and embraced an emotional healing that began by identifying his own personal purpose which was to serve others. He embraced a physiological approach to inflammation and neurochemical replacement

rather than a pharmacological one. He made a choice that brought him into the light. All major change, he says, “occurs from inspiration or desperation.” For Andrew, it was both.”

– Marc Siegel MD

Professor of Medicine and Medical Director of Doctor Radio on SiriusXM NYU Langone Medical Center

Fox News Medical Correspondent

Author of The Inner Pulse; Unlocking the Secret Code of Sickness and Health


“Inspirational with optimism and ownership of one’s direction in life. Andrew Marr drew upon his pain to feed his philosophy and learned to heal himself. He sums up his thoughts with real life experiences which he shares with the reader. You will find yourself returning to Chapter 10, repeatedly, to maintain a life of direction and therefore quality.”

– Mark L. Gordon, MD.

Medical Director, Millennium Health Centers, Inc. Millennium-WAF TBI Project

CBS Studios

The Clinical Application of Interventional Endocrinology (2007)

Traumatic Brain Injury: A Clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment (2015)


“Andrew Marr has written a moving, gritty, unembellished account of a long and formidable struggle. In the wake of a series of multiple traumatic brain injuries that cost him nearly everything, he found his way out—and largely flying solo at that. This book may just make him even more valuable to other victims and their families than he was as a Special Forces Green Beret.”

–      Martin Polanco, MD

Founder and CEO of Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center

“Special Operations soldiers are driven by “why” and “how.” When a challenge is presented, they search for a deep understanding of “why” the issue is occurring. With that understanding, they develop and test every possible “how” to meet a challenge. Tales from the Blast Factory exemplifies the special operations mentality to solve any problem through persistence, understanding, and teamwork. An excellent read for those searching to find solutions for those affected by traumatic brain injury.”

–      Matthew Griffin Army Ranger

Combat Flip Flops Co-Founder and CEO www.combatflipflops.com


“As a senior strategic and administrative operations leader, I have worked around the globe in some of the most challenging locations and environments. But almost nothing compares to the challenges Andrew has faced and overcome in his painstaking return from the brink. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone who has mountains to climb—no matter what form they take.”

–      Joshua Katz

Army Ranger, Senior CIA Operative, Counter-Terrorism Expert Warrior Angels Foundation Board Member

Former Senior Policy Advisor to the House Committee on Homeland Security

Brain Injured Special Forces Green Beret's Journey Back From The Brink
ISBN 9781683504948 paperback $9.62 ISBN 9781683504955 eBook $9.14
Library of Congress Control Number: 2017903908



  1.  What is a TBI and why is it known as a two-phase injury?
  2. TBIs often seem to go undiagnosed and can be caused by any number of traumas, both in normal civilian life and for combat veterans like What are some of the possible causes of a TBI in civilian life, and what unique aspects of your own job caused your own TBI to occur?
  3. How long did it take for your TBI symptoms to manifest once you got home to the states?
  4. What form did these symptoms take, and when did you realize that something was wrong?
  5. When you did try to seek help for your condition, what kind of help was available and what kind of specialists, clinics, and treatments were actually offered?
  6. At one point your treatment entailed being on 13 different medications. What was the aim of this cocktail of drugs and did it, in and of itself, cause issues of its own?
  7. One way in which you tried to cope with the troubling feelings and sensations was turning to alcohol, drinking a 750ml bottle of bourbon a night as you neared your breaking point. How common is this self-medicating amongst veteran TBI sufferers, what other forms might it take, and ultimately, how helpful or harming is it for the person’s well-being?
  8. Sadly, a number of veterans suffering with the symptoms of a TBI end up taking their own lives. What were your views on their actions before you went down the TBI road yourself, and how did you feel about it when in your darkest moments?
  9. After about a year of struggling along with treatments that didn't seem to be working, you were contacted by Dr. Mark Gordon, a leading neuro-endocrinologist and TBI survivor himself. Dr. Gordon approached TBIs from the angle of neurosteroid hormone deficiencies, and how restoring the correct levels can help a TBI sufferer. What is a neurosteroid hormone, what role does it play in a TBI sufferer’s brain, and how does it relate to the brain swelling associated with a TBI?
  10. Gordon’s treatment method followed a number of stages; from a blood-test to see what the neurosteroid levels were like, to a two-part protocol once treatment had begun. What happened in each step of his two-part protocol, and what kind of impact did his method have on your own injury?
  11. How important is the very individual nature of the treatment each patient receives? Dr Gordon’s protocol looks at things like how well the patient’s hypothalamic-pituitary system is working, and how this is affecting the target endocrine glands, as an example. You created the Warrior Angels Foundation with your brother Adam, in the hope of bringing this more effective treatment to a larger number of
  12. How does the Warrior Angels Foundation do this and how many veterans have benefited from your help so far?
  13. Why do you think the government is being so slow in recognizing the link between traumatic brain injury and neurosteroid deficiency, and how damaging is it for a veteran suffering a TBI to be misdiagnosed as suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and all that that might entail?
  14. What kind of mind set does it take pull out of a downward spiral?
  15. What is a key factor to a successful recovery?
  16. What other lessons learned from this journey can you give?

More details appear in TALES FROM THE BLAST FACTORY: A Special Forces Green Beret’s Journey Back From The Brink by Andrew Marr and Adam Marr.


Visit the website at: TalesFromTheBlastFactory.com



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