VIP Executive Life & Fitness Coaching

Life & Fitness Coaching

Harden Your Body, Strengthen Your Mind, Find Personal Success, and Take Control of Your Life!

This is NOT simply a personal training or nutrition program.

Fitness and nutrition are pillars of what we do, but they are foundations to a greater goal.

This program is about building the BEST version of you. 



Far too often, trainers and coaches promote one aspect of your life over all others, whether that be fitness, business, success, mental wellness, or spirituality. 

This creates unnecessary friction, forcing you to prioritize and choose one aspect when the reality is that all of these seemingly disparate areas should feed into a single foundation that supports you in every area of your life.



Just within the first week of coaching with Chris and Matt we look at:

Your Vision and Mental Barriers:

Understanding the mental blocks that are keeping you from achieving your full potential. 

  • Why are you doing what you're doing now?
  • What is your personal code and how do you view yourself?
  • What do you have in your life right now that makes you happy?
  • What will the change you're seeking to create give you that will move you forward?
  • What does your perfect life look like?
  • What are you willing to give to create that life and is it worth it?

Your Goals:

  • What do you want to achieve in our time together and why do you want to achieve it?
  • What are your major obstacles and how will you overcome them?
  • How will you hold yourself accountable and what's the cost if you do not achieve what you set out to do? 

Your chemical barriers: 

  • What physical and mental stressors are sabotaging your progress?
  • What nutrient deficiencies are denying you of your mental and physical potential?
  • What foods are you eating that are stealing your energy?
  • What foods can we add that will give you what you need to dominate the day and kickstart your metabolism? 

Your Productivity:

  • What systems do you have in place to get things done?
  • How are you maximizing your attention to the important things in your life?
  • Where are you wasting your time and energy on things that do not really matter?

    Your Relationships:

    • Are you getting what you need from your partner and your friendships?
    • Are you giving what you should be to your partner and your friendships?
    • Are you and your partner fulfilling each other or depending on each other?
    • Are you and your partner strengthening each other or weakening each other?
    • How can we reinforce your relationships rather than hinder them?
    • Can we get your partner to support your goals?

    Your Physical Ability: 

    • What is your current level of physical preparedness?
    • Where does it need to be to help you reach your vision?
    • How can we fit a physical regimen into your life without disrupting it?
    • What are your weak points and how do we strengthen them?

    Setting up your Key Performance Indicators: 

    • How do we determine when you've been successful? 
    • How do we build accountability into every aspect of the process?

      By the end of week one, there is a road map to becoming optimized. Uncovering where the best years of your life lie and how you can tap into them quickly and effectively.

      Once this first week is done and the foundation is set, we begin to do the work necessary to make your vision a reality. 

      This includes: 

      • weekly assignments to work on KPIs.
      • weekly video conference meetings to create a plan of attack and review progress
      • nutrition and fitness programming
      • daily check ins via text and email
      • monthly in-person meet ups if geography permits

      Individualized executive coaching with Chris and Matt is limited to several clients at a time and we put maximum effort into ensuring our clients' success. This requires a great deal of our own personal investment in you and your life, so we ask that apply for our services. 

      1) What is your greatest struggle at the moment when it comes to mental and physical performance? 

      2) What is the number one goal you are trying to achieve within the next six months?

      3) Why is this your goal? 

      Please email answers to with subject line "VIP COACHING" to begin your application to work with us.