VIP Fitness and Life Coaching

Life & Fitness Coaching

Accepting Coaching Applications (Limited Time)

The core of who you are is rooted in your physical body, but it is generated through your mentality and your vision for who you want to be. 

Having the ability to access information specific to your situation is the meat behind our VIP Coaching. We do our best to provide as much information so that you can lead the best life possible, but having the knowledge of when and where to implement specific tactics is what makes AGOGE VIP Coaching unique.

Working with Chris and Matt in this customized coaching program is about tapping into what you already have. This isn’t a personal development coaching program, nor is it a personal training program. Honestly, personal trainers are best left to do what they do best; work 1:1 in person with those that need instruction and support.

When you’re uncovering how you need to alter your life to become the most optimized version of yourself and you know that you have the inner hard-wiring, that’s when working with us is right for you.

We are living in an era where anything is possible. Companies can be built from nothing, and anyone can reach thousands of people at the same time with a simple smartphone application. We also have the tools necessary to optimize virtually every component of our lives, and it all starts with what we put in our mouth and what we choose to do with our bodies. 

Within our program, we unlock your specific path to more success, a better body, better sex, and better relationships. 


Just within the first week of coaching with Chris and Matt we look at:

Your visualization of yourself. Where you are and why this is critical to the success of your business and your life.

  • Why are you living the life that you are living?
  • How do you view your role in this world?
  • What needs to change in order to fill the role you want to fill? Physically, Mentally, Tangibly?
  • What physical and mental obstacles are affecting the decisions you make daily.

Your Initial Stress Load and Sources.

  • What stressors are affecting your hormones and causing you to perform poorly and gain weight?
  • How can we improve your productivity to get you focused during key times of your day?
  • What kinds of foods can be introduced to increase the ability to fight stress?
  • How can we combat fatigue and help you to be your best self when you need to be? 

Establish what in your diet is affecting your performance and holding you back.

  • Truly assess what is causing the biggest metabolic hurdles in your body and brain.
  • Establish the importance of your nutrition in creating your personal success. 
  • Identifying the foods that may be wreaking havoc on your performance.
  • Optional Lab Testing to truly identify root issues.

Setting up Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Identifying where you are lagging in your business and your life. 
  • Setting benchmarks that will hold you accountable. 

Diagnosing Your One BIG Issue.

  • What is truly holding you back?
  • The steps and the hacks to eliminate or mitigate the root issue.

Accountability and Getting Your Loved Ones on Board

  • Restructuring your environment to ensure support for your success.
  • Reinforcing your relationships rather than hindering them.

By the end of week one, there is a road map to becoming optimized. Uncovering where the best years of your life lie and how you can tap into them quickly and effectively.

Individualized executive coaching with Chris and Matt is limited to several clients at a time and we put maximum effort into ensuring our clients' success. We are extremely selective about who we work with: as such we ask that you apply by answering the following questions:

1) What is your greatest struggle at the moment when it comes to mental and physical performance? 

2) What is the number one goal you are trying to achieve within the next six months?

3) Why is this your goal? 

Please email answers to with subject line "VIP COACHING" to begin your application to work with us.