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A Tale of Two Marines: Ian Long and Dan Manrique

Podcast Show Notes

A Tale of Two Marines: Ian Long and Dan Manrique



A Tale of Two Marines

In the aftermath of the Borderline shooting many of us scrambled to find the motive. This is something we commonly do when a tragedy like this happens.

But this time it ran more deep as the shooter, Ian Long, was a United States Marine. In the aftermath, General Robert Neller did his best to distance the Marine Corps from Long by stating that Long was an “ex-Marine.” Many, however, believe that Neller missed a “teachable moment” where he could have reached out to those Marines who are suffering from silent wounds.

Amidst the shock, many were also lost on the fact that another Marine died that night. Dan Manrique served in the Marine Corps and then went on to become a volunteer with Team RWB who made it his mission to help other veterans.

This episode discusses these two Marines and their diverging paths. One died a lonely villain, while the other died a hero. It covers four things we can learn from the life of Dan Manrique and from the mistakes of Ian Long.

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