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Episode 55: Live Life with EMMY Award-Winning Filmmaker, Jerri Sher

Podcast Show Notes

Episode 55: Live Life with EMMY Award-Winning Filmmaker, Jerri Sher



Jerri Sher is a two time Emmy Award winning film maker. She is a master story teller, and through her stories, she is on a mission to make this world a better place.

The biggest things you’ll get from this episode are in understanding Jerri’s immense passion for what she does and the sheer determination that got her where she is today. She was not born in Hollywood and the odds were stacked up against her when she began her film career. She got herself to where she is today through her work and her sheer determination. 

Jerri is currently working with Andrew to bring his story to the screen through the project Quiet Explosions, which will be based off his book Tales From the Blast Factory: A Brain Injured Special Forces Green Beret Journey’s Back from the Brink.  

To learn more about Jerri: http://jerrisher.com/index.html

To learn about the Live Life series: http://jerrisher.com/live-life-tv-series.html

Chris Albert

Chris Albert is the host of the Warrior Soul Podcast and Founder of Warrior Soul. Chris is also a world wide trainer and nutrition coach and is a contributing author at Testosterone Nation and Muscle and Strength.

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