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Fit-Ops: Creating Sustainable Transformation for Veterans With John Martin

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Fit-Ops: Creating Sustainable Transformation for Veterans With John Martin

Fit-Ops John Martin

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The Fit-Ops Foundation helps veterans to transition into careers as personal fitness trainers.

John Martin is the Director of Aftercare for the Fit-Ops Foundation. 

Fit-Ops is a charitable organization that trains US Military Veterans to become trainers through a fully-funded three-week Bootcamp. 

During their time at Fit-Ops, veterans learn the skills and techniques they need to know to become personal trainers, and Fit-Ops also instructs them business and job-searching skills. 

Most importantly, however, Fit-Ops dedicates much of their training to help veterans to overcome their mental blocks and potential mental trauma. 

The organization has a dedicated staff that’s meant to look after veterans after they leave the camp. This is called “aftercare” and it continues as long as graduates remain in the Fit-Ops network. 

I sat down with John to talk about the great work that Fit-Ops is doing and to get some details on their Aftercare program. 

We had a great conversation about the tools they use to create and sustain transformation for these veterans. 


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