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Ryan Michler – Teaching Boys to Become Men

Podcast Show Notes

Ryan Michler – Teaching Boys to Become Men




Ryan Michler is the founder and creator of the Order of Man Podcast. He is leading a movement to create better men who are stepping more fully into their roles as men.


About this Episode

Like many boys in our society, I never had a dad while I was growing up. Though my mother did absolutely everything she could for my sister and myself, not having a male mentor in my life definitely had an impact.

There was a lot that I had to figure out for myself, and it really wasn’t until I joined the Marine Corps that I learned the value of responsibility and leadership.

In our society, the value of masculinity is increasingly being called into question. Boys are growing into manhood without ever really having to face actual challenges, and society is paying the price for it.

Ryan Michler has led the fight to uphold the values of masculinity, and he’s continued that fight with his Legacy event. This is a three-day challenge where fathers and sons learn new skills, forge deeper bonds, and create the framework to grow and find success as men.

To learn more about Ryan and the Order of Man Podcast: http://www.orderofman.com.

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