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Speak Your Truth Or Wind Up in Purgatory

Podcast Show Notes

Speak Your Truth Or Wind Up in Purgatory

Speak Your Truth


In this episode, we discuss the importance of speaking your truth, for your business and your life. Never be afraid to say what you mean. Life is filled with situations where you have the opportunity to remain ambiguous and not speak your truth. This poses a problem.

When people avoid speaking their minds it pushes them along a path toward a kind of lifelong limbo. You have ideas, but you don’t know if they’re good ideas. That’s because you’ve never fully stated them.

In business and life, it’s important to speak your truth so that you can know, without a shadow of a doubt, where your ideas stand. Too many people are afraid of these honest assessments, but they are vital for any path toward success.

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Chris Albert

Chris Albert is the host of the Warrior Soul Podcast and Founder of Warrior Soul. Chris is also a world wide trainer and nutrition coach and is a contributing author at Testosterone Nation and Muscle and Strength.

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