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The Rise of Virtue Signaling Veterans

Podcast Show Notes

The Rise of Virtue Signaling Veterans



The Problem: Virtue Signaling Veterans

There is a disturbing and growing trend in the Veteran Community. Veterans who claim that “political correctness” is ruining our country, but then scream and cry whenever someone does something they don’t agree with. In essence, we’ve created our own “safe space” where certain beliefs are acceptable and others aren’t. We’ve also allowed ourselves to become “triggered” at the drop of a pin. This leads to irrational behavior that resembles what we see from SJW types on college campuses. The truth is that if we spent more time working on ourselves and building ourselves up, we’d have a lot less time to complain. This podcast discusses why it’s so important for the veteran community to overcome this trend. Rather than adopting an outrage culture, we should be building our community up, helping other Veterans, and putting ourselves in position to affect change in this country.

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