Make Savage the Body Volume 1: Legs

Warrior Soul Agoge


I am probably the least equipped person genetically for bodybuilding and powerlifting that you will find in the fitness industry. I actually have a small, slightly built frame, and as little as 5 years ago, I was 150lbs. With a skinny frame comes skinny legs, and while I got relatively strong fairly quickly through training, my legs remained skinny and my lifts remained plateaued until fairly recently. I had three things going against me:

1) I became obsessed with lifting as heavy as possible, even to the point of sacrificing good form.

2) I ignored the exercises I wasn’t good at so that I could continue to train my ego. 

3) I did not take care of my mobility and flexibility in order to achieve the ability to perform deep enough squats. 

This ebook contains two 6 week programs for strength and aesthetics and 12 different workouts that will help you to increase your total body strength and build muscular and well shaped legs to round out your physique. Unlike other ebooks, I do not just throw these programs at you. Each workout contains videos for instruction on how to perform each exercise properly. You will also learn how to increase your flexibility to achieve a deep squat, and you learn the science behind building muscle and getting stronger. 

 This ebook is for you if: 

 • You have skinny legs

• Your strength has plateaued and you are not getting stronger

• You can’t squat past parallel

• You do not know how to put together a program

• You do not know how to squat properly

• You don’t have hamstrings

• You want things explained to you in a simple and straightforward manner.


If you have any questions about whether this program is for you or not, just shoot me an email at and I will answer any questions you have. 


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