Onnit Suspension Rings

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Onnit Suspension Rings are some of the most versatile, effective, and durable suspension training implements available today.



The Suspension Rings use a dual mount system, connecting to anchor points independent of each other. This advantage allows for natural lines of force. Doing movements like pushups with the rings allows you to push down toward your sternum, rather than out to your sides. This means you can press in your strongest position for the best muscle activation and most natural and safe movement.

The anchor loops are marked with numbers, making for fast, easy adjustments. This is particularly helpful if you’re a trainer running a suspension trainer class and need to adjust the handle height for multiple people on the fly. No more guessing and making several adjustments to get it right, just find your number.

The rings are sturdier than typical suspension trainers, which is ideal for those who want to work up to more challenging gymnastics training like iron crosses. Because they also have foot cradles, the rings offer more versatility for lower body training than classic rings alone do.


The suspension ring handles are made of ultra strong wood, not plastic, which gives them better texture which cuts down on the risk of slipping. The straps are made from extremely strong webbing and feature double stitched link points for maximum durability. Each set comes with a 2 rings, a door mount anchor, 4 aviation grade aluminum carbineers and a mesh carrying bag.

The suspension trainer is perhaps the most portable, versatile, and scalable piece of exercise equipment you can own. Learn everything you need to know about suspension workouts to build a solid core anytime, anywhere.

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