Hemingway's TBIs

Hemingway's TBIs
Hemingway shared similar issues to many of today's Veterans.

Ernest Hemingway is both an icon of American literature and widely considered to be the epitome of a man's man. On top of being an accomplished hunter and fisherman, Hemingway was a boxer. He served in World War I as an ambulance driver, and was present at Normandy on D-Day during World War II as a war correspondent.

Hemingway is also known for his alcoholism and the tragedy of his life. He was married five times, and he died by his own hand.

What many people don't know, is that Hemingway suffered from 9 concussions throughout his life. This is in addition to being hit in the head countless times as a boxer, and being in proximity to numerous explosions during his service in World War I.

This created a downward spiral that eventually left Hemingway unable to write a sentence.

With obvious parallels between the life of Hemingway and those of so many Veterans, I thought it important to discuss this Hemingway's TBI's on this podcast.