Mission: To empower veterans to become wiser, stronger, and more capable human beings in the civilian world through entertaining mass media.

Over the past 18 years, the US Military has fought two wars simultaneously. Thousands of young men and women have answered the call of duty and put their lives on the line.

The World doesn't care about youNow, as they return to civilian life, many carry invisible scars that often manifest themselves in depression, anger, and substance abuse. As such, this community has endured skyrocketing suicide rates and unprecedented levels of homelessness.

Many organizations have attempted to raise awareness around these issues. There are currently over 433,000 veterans charities in the United States and many are doing great work and providing outstanding support.

Nevertheless, these efforts have done little to stem the tide.

From the beginning, the Warrior Soul Podcast has taken a different approach.

Rather than treating veterans as if they’re broken or sick, this show works to empower and strengthen them by:

  1. Reminding veterans who they are
  2. Educating them with ideas and concepts they may not have come across before
  3. Inspiring them to take action in their own lives

Each month, we reach nearly 150,000 veterans across multiple channels with interviews, education, and motivation.

Past Guests

Our past guests include best-selling authors, entertainers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and veterans who’ve gone on to do amazing things in the civilian world.

About the Host: Chris Albert

Chris Albert is a US Marine Corps veteran, trainer, entrepreneur, author, and academic. After completing his service in 2005, Chris went on to the University of Connecticut to obtain a Masters in International Politics. From there, he advanced to doctoral candidacy at the University of California at Santa Barbara, completing his doctoral exams and dissertation prospectus with expertise in International Relations and Quantitative Methodology. He left academia in 2011, after getting his personal training and nutrition certifications, to start his first business, the world famous Metroflex Gym Long Beach, which he co-owned and managed until 2014. In 2014, Chris started his online training and nutrition business where he’s coached professional athletes, members of royalty, and hundreds of everyday people. He is a contributing author to Testosterone Nation, Muscle and Strength, and Elite FTS, and spent three years as the Lead Instructor of the London Real Academy.

Areas of Expertise

Self Empowerment, Fitness, Strength Training, Nutrition, Philosophy, Politics, and Veterans Affairs


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