A Dam Strong Business: Beaverfit

A Dam Strong Business: Beaverfit
Mike Taylor and Alex Roodhouse are US Navy Veterans turned entrepreneurs who founded the company Beaverfit. They make functional container gyms.

Mike Taylor and Alex Roodhouse served as officers in the United States Navy's Riverine Units, patrolling the Euphrates River during the war in Iraq.

Fitness was always an important part of their job, but as the demands of the job changed, so did the fitness requirements. When they first entered the military, the focus was on long runs and calisthenics. Yet jobs in the military increasingly called for a more functional, weight bearing, approach to fitness.

Additionally, many service members ended up getting completely out of shape when they went on deployment.

So after they got out of the military, Mike and Alex came up with an idea: all in one container gyms that could be shipped and placed anywhere.

That idea became Beaverfit, which today is a rapidly growing multi-million dollar a year business. You can find Mike and Alex's gyms today in places as diverse as Camp Pendleton and Miami Beach.

In this conversation, I talk with Mike and Alex about their journey from the military to entrepreneurship and how they're growing Beaverfit to meet the increasing demand for functional fitness.

Learn more about Beaverfit at: https://www.beaverfitusa.com/

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