Dan Bornstein: Fitness as a National Security Issue

Dan Bornstein: Fitness as a National Security Issue

Dan Bornstein is an Associate Professor of National Security at The Citadel

Dr. Dan Bornstein is an Associate Professor in the Department of Health and Human Performance at The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.

Dan began working at The Citadel after completing his Ph.D in Exercise Science from the University of South Carolina.

Dan is not a conventional professor. Prior to earning his Ph.D, Dan was the CEO of two fitness companies in Arizona. His research focuses on lack of physical preparedness in the United States as a national security issue.

US military organizations are having a difficult time recruiting qualified candidates because of a lack of physical preparedness amongst the population.

Dan came on the show to speak about the programs The Citadel offers in Exercise Science and Tactical Readiness. Though The Citadel is primarily a military college with an active Corps of Cadets, it has opened it’s doors to active duty military members and Veterans who want to attend the institution without being members of the Corps of Cadets.

This leaves a world of opportunity open to Veterans who want to get an education from one of the best colleges in the country.

To learn more about The Citadel, and it’s Exercise Science program, head over to Citadel.edu.