Donny O’Malley: Building VET TV

Donny O’Malley: Building VET TV

Donny O'Malley is a Marine Corps Veteran, the creator of VET TV, and the founder of Irreverent Warriors.

Donny O’Malley is known for his “no fucks given” comedic style. The characters he portrays are raunchy and at times disgusting. For many veterans, they are also familiar, echoing either someone they knew while serving or someone they once were while serving.

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Veterans Entertainment Television, or VET TV, is not for the faint of heart. It’s not meant to be. Many of the jokes will either fly over civilians’ heads, or completely offend them. Either way, Donny is good with that.

I watched his recent movie, A Grunt’s Life, while I was sick with the flu to research for this interview. As a Marine, I thought it was hilarious, but I also watched it with my girlfriend.

When the inevitable post-movie discussion happened, she asked “would you have tried to fuck a corpse?” Highly medicated at the time I blurted out, “no. Maybe a skull if I could have, but it would have just been to get some laughs.”

Awkward pause.

Beyond the character, the real Donny O’Malley is also funny, but he’s also a workhorse.

He has to be. Starting a new Television and Media Company takes an ungodly amount of work. VET TV is here today because it’s founders kept absolutely unsustainable work schedules for months.

That work paid off.

Today, VET TV is running at full steam with Donny at the helm of a world class organization with multiple divisions and a highly talented team.

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In this conversation, Donny and I discuss how he got there. You’ll hear about the long hard road that he’s travelled to success, and you’ll hear about where he’s taking VET TV in the future.

To watch VET TV’s latest movie: A Grunt’s Life CLICK HERE.

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