Enhance Your Morning Coffee : Get the Most Out of Your Cup of Joe

Enhance Your Morning Coffee : Get the Most Out of Your Cup of Joe

If you’re like most veterans, being in the military gave you a love for coffee.  I never drank coffee before I went on deployment.  By the end of deployment I was drinking 6 or 7 cups a day.  My love for coffee continues to this day, but I’ve recently found plain old coffee to be boring.  It just doesn’t give me the jolt that it used to.  So I’ve been experimenting with a few hacks that I’ve found to enhance the effects of my morning joe.  Try these out and let me know what you think.

  1. Butter and Coconut Oil

Yeah I know most of you won’t drink anything but black coffee.  I was like that too, until I tried this out.  Yes this recipe was developed by silicon valley hipsters, but remember one thing about those guys: they sit and write code for up to 15 hours a day.  You have to admire their focus, and knowing this was what drove me to try this out.  The way it works is that the fat helps shuttle the caffeine across the brain blood barrier, while the medium chain triglycerides from the coconut oil help to fuel your brain with ketones.  This brings a lasting caffeine high and extreme focus.  It’s fucking awesome.

A piece of advice for those of you who are fit minded though: if you drink your coffee this way – it’s breakfast.  Eating a donut or toast with this version will raise inflammation, blood sugar, and send your blood lipid levels sky high.  I would also avoid adding any sugar or sweetener.  We definitely don’t want you on the VA’s waiting list for a coronary bypass.  On the other hand, this coffee works perfectly with intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet protocols and can actually aid your fitness and fat burning benefits.

Make it like this: prepare your coffee with a coffee maker or french press.  Pour the coffee into a blender.  Add 1 tablespoon of grassfed unsalted butter and two tablespoons of coconut oil.  Blend and serve.

  1. L-Theanine

L-theanine is a neuroprotective amino acid found in tea and available in most health food stores.  It increases cognitive clarity and protects memory.  When combined with 200 mg of caffeine, it delivers a nootropic effect that increases brain power.  It also decreases the jittery effect associated with coffee and can prevent you from developing insomnia.  Add 100mg of this to the butter/coconut recipe above or just toss it into your black coffee.  Try it and you will be addicted.

  1. Cowboy Coffee/French Press

In addition to caffeine, coffee actually has two other very important cognitive enhancers: cafestrol and kawehol.  The problem is that these two compounds get removed when you use a paper filter, and this makes it more likely that you’ll get a caffeine crash.  The solution: either use a french press or make it cowboy style by boiling the coffee grinds and straining them before you serve it.  Once you drink coffee this way you will through out your coffee maker.

  1. Add cinnamon

Rather than adding sugar to your coffee, try using cinnamon.  Cinnamon is known to favorably effect blood lipid levels, increase insulin sensitivity, and reduce chances of diabetes and heart disease.