How I Became an Online Trainer

How I Became an Online Trainer

Take aways:

1. Tips if you want to become an onlne trainer.

  • Spend time in the trenches.  You need to spend time with clients one on one so that you develop an understanding of training principles.
  • Get on social media long before you ever try to sell a program.  Put information out there and create value in peoples’ lives.
  • Do not seek to become rich.  Seek to create value.  If you create value then the money will come.
  • Don’t expect success to happen instantly.  There will be pain and hard times, but keep going.  If you want success, you’ll need to figure out how to get through the hard times.

2. On Life

  • Dark times will happen, but no matter how deep you are, you can make things better.
  • If you haven’t quit smoking, drinking, or other bad habits, do that first as a way of putting yourself on a better path.
  • No matter what, never give up.