How to Make Cold Brew

How to Make Cold Brew

Love coffee, but hate the acid reflux and stomach discomfort that comes with it?  Try cold brewing it.  Cold brewing coffee reduces its acidity, creates a smoother and sweeter taste, and, in my opinion, creates a longer and more sustained caffeine high.  It’s all the rage in coffee shops everywhere right now, but its really easy to just do yourself at home.  Try this simple process:

Step 1: Get a french press or a container and pour cold water in it.

Step 2: Pour your favorite coffee grounds into the water, and steep them in the refrigerater for 2 or 3 hours.

Step 3: Either push the plunger on the french press after the coffee has had time to steep, or pour the coffee into a new container while straining the grounds.

Step 4: Pour over ice and enjoy

Step 5: For an even more sustained caffeine high try adding coconut or MCT oil to the brew.

If you’re fat adapted, try adding in some heavy whipping cream for an extra store of energy for your workouts.