Kegan Gill: Unbreakable Resilience

Kegan Gill: Unbreakable Resilience
Kegan Gill is a US Navy Veteran who suffered traumatic injuries when he ejected into the sound barrier.

Kegan Gill has been through things that would kill most people. As a US Navy Fighter Pilot, Kegan was forced to eject into the sound barrier as his plane was going down during a training exercise over the Atlantic Ocean.

In the process of ejecting, Kegan sustained catastrophic injuries that literally ripped his limbs apart along with a severe traumatic brain injury.

His body landed in the ice cold waters of the Atlantic, and his wet suit had ripped open. With his parachute still attached, and unable to move his arms, Kegan was continuously dunked into the freezing water for two hours before his rescue. Luckily, his hypothermic condition kept him from bleeding to death.

Kegan spent the following months focusing on his recovery, and despite his catastrophic injuries, was eventually able to score a perfect PFT and was able to return to flight duty.

But his battle was not over. Due to his traumatic brain injury, Kegan began to experience severe, but temporary, psychosis. After being rushed to the emergency room during a psychotic episode, Kegan was admitted to a VA Mental Health Facility.

Kegan did not react well to pharmaceutical treatments, and in many ways, they made him feel worse. After explaining this to his caregivers, they treated him as a trouble maker, and began doing things like keeping him up all night long by flashing a flashlight in his eyes every 15 minutes.

Kegan has since been seeking alternative treatments for his brain health. He found the Warrior Angels Foundation several months ago and is on the path to recovery through nuttracutical and hormonal interventions.

I caught up with Kegan in person at the Warrior Angels Foundation 4X4X48 in Texas. As he told me his story, my jaw hit the floor. In addition to fighting for his health, Kegan is also fighting to maintain his family. He has a wife and two young children.

This is one of the most mind-bending, jaw dropping, and inspiring episodes I've ever done, and I really appreciate Kegan for being so open.

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