Kelsi Sheren: Fighting for Freedom of Speech

Kelsi Sheren: Fighting for Freedom of Speech
Kelsi Sheren is the CEO of Brass and Unity and a Combat Veteran of the Canadian Army.

Kelsi Sheren is a combat veteran of the Canadian Army as well as the founder and CEO of Brass and Unity.

Kelsi has been very public about her battle with PTSD. She began Brass and Unity as an art therapy project to put her mind off of the pain of losing friends in battle.

Kelsi and Chris met at the Warrior Angels Foundation 4x4x48. Kelsi became connected to the Warrior Angels Foundation through the Heroic Hearts Project, which sponsored a healing Ayhuasca plant medicine journey she took.

One of Kelsi's major concerns as of recent times are the increased government imposed limits on free speech and other rights in Canada.

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