My Sleep Deprived Morning Routine

My Sleep Deprived Morning Routine

Lately I have been getting very little sleep.  Seriously . . . for the last few months, I have been surviving on 5 hours of sleep or less per night.  Yes there are major problems with this, and I am committing to cutting down my workload.  Nevertheless, during this time, I have had to seriously commit to being 100% healthy in order to keep myself going.  A major part of this is my morning routine.  The morning is where I take inventory of my body, remedy my ailing parts, and set my self up for a successful day.  You don’t have to be sleep deprived to do this, but if you are feeling tired, lethargic, and down, following a routine like this could definitely improve your state.  Here it goes:

Wake Up: My alarm begins gently waking me up.  I do not believe in harsh alarms.  There is nothing worse for your state of mind then waking up to a cortisol producing piercing screech.  Rather, I opt for the gentle alarm of my sleep cycle app (which you can download on your smart phone)  It begins gently waking me up over a 15 minute period, and the app monitors your sleep movements to give you data on how well you slept.  I will roll over, snuggle with my girlfriend Shawna, and give thanks to the universe that she is in my life.

Hydrate:  The first thing I do after I wake up is drink 16 oz of water.  This does two things: 1) it begins to replace valuable fluids in my body, and 2) it triggers my bowels to expel their contents.  This second factor is extremely important.  I do not consume any food or nutrients until I have had a bowel movement because it would interrupt my body’s attempts to expel toxins it took on from the previous day.  Its important to trigger this initial bowel movement as naturally as possible without stimulants, and I have adapted to using water to do the trick instead of coffee.  All of this is extremely important to me due to my ulcerative colitis.

Hygiene: Once I have expelled my previous day’s food, I begin seeing to hygiene.  The first thing I do is rinse my mouth out with coconut oil.  I do this by taking a teaspoon of coconut oil into my mouth and swishing it through my teeth for a full minute.  This cleans the bacteria out of my mouth.  Be sure not to swallow the oil.  I spit it out, and then I brush my teeth.  From there, I step into an ice cold shower and begin scrubbing myself vigorously to remove any dead skin.  Cold showers are highly beneficial to battling total body chronic inflammation, aiding in fat loss, and aiding recovery from workouts.  I let the cold water hit the top of my head, my arm pits, and my torso for 3 to five minutes, and then I turn the shower off and vigorously dry myself with a towel.

Mobility:  After I finish showering, I walk around naked seeing to my morning duties for around 10 minutes before retreating to my living room for stretching.  I do a quick five to ten minute yoga routine, and then I turn my hot water kettle on.

Nutrients: The first thing I take into my body is a greens powder mixed with water.  This is always ImSoAlpha Superfood.  This gives me a good dose of micronutrients to start my day.  Once my hot water kettle begins whistling, I french press some coffee.  I consume my coffee with grassfed butter and MCT oil.  The grassfed butter is loaded with butyrate, which is great for healing the inner lining of the intestines – again helping me avoid ulcerative colitis flare ups, and the MCT oil is a great source of quick energy.

Happiness: Once my morning activities are completed, I take 30 to 40 minutes to read or to sit with Shawna and talk.  This is my favorite part of the day and it puts my mind in a state of happiness where I can tackle the challenges of my day in a positive mind state.  This is also an important part of working for my longevity by lessening my levels of stress and increasing my happiness.

Train: From there, Shawna and I get dressed and prepare ourselves for physical activity.  This is either a strength session at the gym, an endurance session consisting of a run, kettlebell walk, or whatever sadomasachistic thing we can come up with at the time, or we will go and do some hot yoga.  We train everyday in some capacity unless we have some event out of the ordinary.

Breakfast: For us, breakfast is consistently repetitive.  3 whole pasture eggs, 3 cups of vegetables, half an avocado, and a couple of strips of organic uncured bacon.  This meal literally lasts me all day long as I do not eat again until the late evening after Shawna gets home from work.  After we eat, Shawna gets ready for work and I take another cold shower.  We kiss each other, she leaves, and I begin my day of work.

Regardless of your fitness level, job, or state of being, it is important that you begin some sort of morning routine that will carry you through your day on a positive streak.  This will be good for your mind, your body, and your soul whether your days are long and hard or short and relaxing.

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