On Sacrifice with Gold Star Widow Michelle Black

On Sacrifice with Gold Star Widow Michelle Black
Michelle Black lost her husband, Bryan, when his 11 man team of Green Berets was ambushed by 100-200 Isis Militants in Niger in 2017.

Michelle Black lost her husband Bryan in 2017. Bryan was serving with a team of his fellow Green Berets in Niger when his team of 11 was ambushed by between 100 and 200 ISIS militants.

From the moment she learned of Bryan's death, her life, and the lives of her two sons, were turned completely upside down. Bryan's death became a national incident due to political issues, and this turned the nation's attention away from the men who died and onto political discord.

Then, a ISIS released a propaganda video of Bryan and his teammates being killed. CBS news promptly published the video and put it into the public domain, putting Michelle and Bryan's family into the awful position of having to witness his death on a TV screen.

Through it all, Michelle never quit. She rallied to take care of her two sons while also searching for the truth about Bryan and his teammates' death. To this day, no high ranking military official has answered for the fact that this team of 11 was sent into hostile territory without support.

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