Pat McNamara: Earning a Degree in Badassery

Pat McNamara: Earning a Degree in Badassery

Pat McNamara is a former Special Forces Operator, author, and overall bad ass.

Pat McNamara is a former special forces operator, trainer, and author of the book Sentinal: Be the Agent in Charge of Your Own Personal Protection Detail.

Pat McNamara

Pat has dedicated himself to helping others to become more aware, more capable, and more tough. His Instagram page, TMACSINC, is one of the best fitness pages out there and it also offers segments on becoming a more effective Sentinal and becoming a more effective man (basic dude stuff).

Pat is also a great guy. He came on to talk about his story, and to to deliver his advice on how you can become tougher and more effective in your daily life.

Pat McNamara - Sentinal

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