Scott Carney: The Wedge

Scott Carney: The Wedge

Scott Carney is a New York Times Best-Selling Author and investigative journalist who explores the limits of human physiology.

Scott Carney is an anthropologist and journalist who explores the limits of human physiology.

Scott Carney - the wedge

Scott’s curiosity is driven by the following conundrum: as modern society has advanced, human beings have seemed to venture farther and farther away from their natural states. We have exchanged much of our natural past for comfort, and we’ve paid for it with a pandemic of obesity and chronic health problems.

Yet those evolutionary advantages that allowed us run down game and travel long distances in diverse climates are still accessible. Scott’s work explores how the average human being can tap into this ability.

His New York Times Best-Selling book, What Doesn’t Kill Us followed his adventures with Wim Hof, the Ice Man. Wim is known for being able to endure extreme cold. He holds records for being underwater in brutally cold temperatures, for running across the Arctic Circle in a pair of shorts, and for climbing Mount Everest in shorts.

Scott began that book trying to debunk him, but tried Wim’s methods and found that they actually worked. This ignited a firestorm of curiosity, and in his new book, The Wedge, Scott explores how human beings can control their automatic reactions to fear and extreme environments.

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