The Daily Routine of an Online Personal Trainer

The Daily Routine of an Online Personal Trainer

I’ve had hundreds of people contact me to find out how they could become a coach.  Each one of them, I’m sure, has this vision of what I do.  Working everyday, cooking bodybuilding meals, and spreading knowledge to the masses.  Well the reality is that I do have a great life, and I’m not complaining about it.  Its not easy though, and I probably work harder than most of your realize.  I also definitely know I eat and sleep less than most of your realize.  Here’s a bit of my daily routine:4:00 AM Wake up, roll out of bed and do 20 minutes of yoga and stretching4:30 AM Strap on my sneakers and do a bit of cardio.  This is usually either a kettle bell complex or a run with my loyal dog, Piper.  About once or twice a week, I’ll bring the 55lb kettle bell along for the run.

5:30 AM Arrive home and turn the stove on to make hot water for coffee while I hop in for an ice cold shower (cold showers help reduce total body chronic inflammation, improve blood flow, and increase sex drive)

5:45 AM Dry off, mix up some coffee with pasture butter and MCT Oil (Yep I drink bulletproof coffee, but I don’t buy that overpriced flavorless garbage with the brand name.  I’ll take my organic fair trade sumatra thank you).  

6:00 AM Open my computer up and begin work.  I work for a solid four hours on creative stuff.  This is either blogging, editing video footage, or writing new programs or diets.  It all depends on the day.

8:00 AM Make more coffee

9:00 AM My girlfriend Shawna either arrives or wakes up.  She comes in, kisses me, and then begins to do yoga in my living room while I’m working while wearing the shortest shorts possible.  She’s hot.  Very hot, and as I train her and cook all her food, her body is perfect.  I do not say this to gloat or show off, however, as this is torture.  I can’t touch her during this time, and I’m usually just sitting there with my mouth open drooling.  Needless to say, any work I was doing stops at this time.

9:30 Make pathetic attempt to pull a romantic move on Shawna that gets promptly rejected.  She gets her gym clothes on, and we head to the gym.  10:00AM We arrive at Powerhouse Yucaipa, and train for the next 90 minutes to two hours.

12:00 AM We stumble out of Powerhouse and head home for breakfast.  When we arrive home, Shawna grabs my dog and takes her for a walk while I make breakfast.  For me, this is normally four pasture eggs, 2 to 3 cups of greens, avocado, and four strips of uncured bacon.  

1:30 PM After eating, we normally read for about 30 minutes then talk.   I make another pathetic romantic attempt and sometimes Shawna obliges me, but most of the time I sit there watching her getting ready for work while drooling again.  Then she will leave, and I will jump in for yet another cold shower.

2:00 PM I’m back on my computer.  This time, I’m prepping for my client calls

3:00PM to 9:00 PM I am literally on the phone this entire time getting updates from clients around the world.  I create their workouts for the next week, adjust their diets, and make sure they are set for success for the next 7 days. Sometime around

5:00 PM, I will make a smoothie consisting of full fat coconut milk, chia seeds, ImSoAlpha Superfood, Protein Powder, cacao powder, and about two cups of raw kale or spinach.  

Around 7:00 PM I will have a cup of bone broth, and intermittently I will have a square or two of 86% cacao dark chocolate.  9:00 PM I walk Piper to clear my head and will usually listen to a Podcast or audiobook.  9:30 PM I will come home and read. 10:30 PM Eat dinner and pack some away for Shawna.  This is normally, grassfed beef liver, grassfed beef, grassfed lamb, free range chicken livers, or bison cooked with vegetables.  I will also have around 3 cups of leafy greens like spinach or kale with this meal.  

Midnight Off to sleep for four or five hours and then get up and do it again the next day.  There you have it.  For those of you wondering about my calorie count, or lack there of, I normally only eat between 900 and 1500 calories everyday.  Stop having a heart attack.  I eat low calories and very few carbs because it works for me.  I stay strong and maintain hormone sensitivity because of low levels of insulin, and this allows me to build muscle.  It also keeps me focused and clear headed throughout the day, and its better for my ulcerative colitis.  People who eat less, live longer.  That’s enough of my rant.  I’ll tell you more about my diet in a future blog.  But for those of you who were interested, that’s my day!