The war for your health that rages inside your gut

The war for your health that rages inside your gut

The war that rages inside

There is a war going on. This war has been raging all of your life. This war has had unfathomable numbers of casualties, victories, losses and triumphs. This war will continue the rest of your life, are you prepared enough, strong enough, and fully optimized to battle on?

My experience of combat, has come only from martial arts competition and Ju Jitsu training. Whilst this I’m sure has no comparison to actual battlefield combat (I can’t even imagine), I do strive for peak performance so that I can perform my best and crush the competition.

The war that I speak of, is the internal war of the microorganisms that inhabit our bodies. From the day we are born to this world, microorganisms immediately rush to establish themselves in our bodies. Our first inhabitants our handed down to us from our Mothers. These “good bacteria” keep us safe from pathogens, help us get nutrients from the food we eat, keep our immune systems strong, and even help keep our mental health on track.

Every minute of everyday, the good bacteria fight against the bad, we have armies inside of us striving for us and we don’t even know of or consider them. Estimates vary, but it is a commonly held belief in the scientific community that we have more bacteria cells on and in our bodies, than we do human cells. Yes, you heard me right.

We tend to think of our bodies as one unit. Whilst we have one consciousness, the reality of it is that we are made up of a collection of organisms. Most of them very tiny, but so important to the overall unit that we can’t afford to forget or neglect them. Want to know another commonly held belief in the science community? Roughly  70% of your immune system is in your gut.

In a time when autoimmune disease, allergies, chronic inflammation, leaky gut, obesity, mental health issues, etc are on the rise, we must do everything we can to fully optimize our bodies and nutrition. The quote “never leave a man behind” comes to mind when I think of ensuring that we we keep our own communities of microorganisms strong, healthy, and replenished so that they can continue to battle on for us, and help us to battle on and be our best for life.

But how do we do this? How do we keep our troops the best they can be? Simple, probiotics. God, or a higher power, or whatever you believe in has provided us with a way to naturally strengthen our good bacteria. You may be familiar with the capsules you can pick up from the store, but did you know you can get a more diverse range of beneficial bacteria from food

It’s my mission to educate the world about how they can make their own probiotic foods. I want to teach people the pitfalls of buying over the counter probiotic capsules. In my opinion, natural is often times better. Steeped in tradition from all over the world, the ancient art of food preservation known as fermentation is making a comeback in our culture. Health food stores and companies have latched on to this, and now sell expensive products in their stores. I want to empower you and give you the knowledge to make your own.

I’ve travelled all over the world learning as I’ve went about different fermented foods. I’ve spent years perfecting the techniques necessary to make them. These foods are not only healthy but delicious too. They have also been with us from the beginning of time, that’s why I like to call them “primal probiotics”.

If you would like to learn more, and optimize an area of your nutrition that most neglect, head over to and click on the “primal probiotics” digital course.