After the Military: How to Find a Job that You Love

After the Military: How to Find a Job that You Love

Ruben Cabrera is a Marine Corps Veteran, co-owner and chief marketing officer of Warrior Soul Apparel, and owner of Morning Coffee Tees.

I never understood what people meant when people said “find a job that you love” or “if you’re doing what you love you won’t have to work a day in your life.” Or something like that. My thought process has always been, “how am I supposed to make REAL money and support myself? Who’s going to pay me to eat? I like hiking but I’m not going to reenlist. How do I get paid to go sit at the movies?

Whatever I’ll work wherever pays me enough to live comfortably, while I stare at my cubicle walls wishing I had the balls to quit and live life.”

I asked myself those same questions many times. And the truth is I stayed in that Corporate America job, while I continued to plot my escape from my life that resembled a Connect-the-dots picture.

1) Get a job

2) Work that job

3) Hate that job

4) Here’s a Straw

5) Suck it the F&%*K UP! You have a Responsibilities!

The GOOD NEWS is that there is a way around all of that!

1) Find Your Passion

I found that having passion will enable you to learn more than you can ingest, it will reward you for anytime spent and build tremendous confidence in yourself.

Being able to do so has opened so many doors for me and I’m sure many others. I didn’t know I had found my passion when I started Morning Coffee and Morning Coffee Canada. It started as something to help me step outside of my routine, something that brought me pride, something that made me money.

With all that I found I had a passion for Marketing, presentation, and human behavior. Once realizing that, I began to attack my passion, by challenging myself.

Being able to market and capitalize with what you’re passionate about makes you a great entrepreneur.

Look at the empires built from fitness personalities, the multibillion dollar Computer/Cellphone/Technology companies that started in garages and even successful coffee companies started by veterans.

“How Do I Know I’ve Found My Passion?” I can’t tell you that. That’s up to you and the thing you daydream about at work for 8 hours. Fitness, food, fashion, music or technology, whatever the hell it is, dive into it. Relentlessly. Fortunately for us we have unlimited resources this day in age to achieve our goals to help us pursue our dreams. In the past 30 years some of the most successful people were college drop outs! And as Veterans we can take advantage of some free education as we pursue the life that we want. My question to you is: Are you pursuing the life YOU want to live, doing something you’re passionate about? If not, WHEN will you start? Why not now?