Beard Care in the Civilian World by Demo Perez

Beard Care in the Civilian World by Demo Perez

The veteran community loves beards.  It’s gotta be something to do with the fact that we we had to keep our faces squeaky clean for so long.  But many of us are just figuring out how to wear a beard without looking like Charles Manson.  I met Demo Perez of Maestro’s Classic Beard Care out in Las Vegas a few weeks ago while attending the Olympia Fitness Expo.  He’s not a veteran, but he is an awesome guy and I asked him to give his perspective on beards in the workplace.  One thing I want to keep straight off the bat, is that we do not make money off of promoting Maestro’s Classic.  Anytime we do make money off of something, we will tell you.  We just think that this is a really cool company.


Thanks to my line of work I talk about beards quite often. I am a brand ambassador for Maestro’s Classic, a beard care company.

One of the main reasons I hear as to why men don’t have a beard is because their job won’t let them.

I can relate to feeling limited when it comes to how you wear your facial hair.  When I first started growing my beard at my old job in a corporate cafeteria I was told to shave it immediately. I couldn’t understand why because I went to great lengths to keep it clean and well groomed. So my response to them was “no.”

Now I’m not saying to defy your management in any way. In my situation I didn’t really care to have a future position with them and for that reason I was comfortable moving on. However, not all men have the ability to simply quit their jobs because of facial hair standards.

But I think it is actually possible for men in the corporate world to maintain fashionable beards and still be taken seriously. Since I have been growing my beard I can’t go a day without getting multiple compliments on how well kept it is.

What I want to do is help get rid of the stigma that beards are “dirty” or “unclean.”

So here are some of the things that helped smooth over my decision to keep my beard.

There are a few different ways to take care of your beard but I will start with the most important one.


A clean beard is a happy beard (also a happy employer). You can’t show up to the office with your beard looking like it could be storing last night’s dinner.

For this, Maestro’s Classic beard wash is needed. It’s sulfate free so it won’t dry out your skin and it smells great.


This is important for the simple fact that it’s not enough to just wash your beard. Keeping up with trims and conditioning is even more important because it affects what people are actually seeing.

For this you need Maestro’s Classic beard butter. It will aid in conditioning and will maintain a light hold on your beard and is best used multiple times a day . Again I must say, it smells great!

There you have it. The reputation of a beard is no longer that of a scruffy unkempt person, the beard is now becoming a symbol of a stylish, successful, professional man.