Dave Bray Music on a Mission

Dave Bray Music on a Mission

Music on a Mission with Dave Bray – US Navy Veteran, Family Man, and Lover of All Things America

Two art forms that go back to the dawn of human history are music and storytelling. Both had roles in developing communication and culture.

Dave Bray is a storyteller and a musician. A US Navy veteran who served as an FMF Corpsman, Dave is a man of both patriotism and faith.

This is very apparent in his music. His album, Music on a Mission delivers soothing vocals along with heartfelt storytelling in which he describes each song’s importance to him. Throughout, you can feel his love of America, family, and God.

In this interview, we talk about Dave’s music, his love of America, his views on how the country can heal it’s divisiveness, the personal habits that have led to his success, and what his day to day life is like as an artist.

To learn more about Dave Bray and his music: https://www.davebrayusa.com/

To get Dave’s latest album Music on a Mission: click here