Fitness Notes: Squats, Deadlifts, or Both?

Fitness Notes: Squats, Deadlifts, or Both?

Squats, Deadlifts, or Both?

This week on the fitness notes edition, Chris covers topics brought up from the Warrior Soul Fitness Academy private Facebook group.

The first question asks whether or not workouts with a single exercise could be effective. It was asked by someone who needs to do their workouts after a long day of work, and who wants to focus on the important stuff. This is generally ok, but you need to bring the same intensity to these types of workouts as you would with multi exercise workouts.

If the intensity isn’t there, it won’t be enjoyable and it won’t be effective.

The second question asks whether one should do squats or deadlifts. Chris highlights the differences between the two exercises and why you should do both.

The truth is that squats and deadlifts are both important for different reasons.

Deadlifts work the posterior chain primarily, while squats are a quad dominant movement. Both exercises have differing loading patterns that also bring respective benefits.

Finally, Chris answers questions on different intermittent fasting protocols and whether or not a 72 hour fast is a viable choise for those seeking to improve their fitness.