Episode 11: Why Being a Veteran is Not an Excuse with Kameron Delaney

Episode 11: Why Being a Veteran is Not an Excuse with Kameron Delaney

This week I was happy to have Kameron Delany, a good friend and brother, here on the podcast.  Kameron is an absolutely amazing and humble person and we share many views on what is holding the veteran community back.  Basically that is that veterans have not had it easy over the last decade, but that does not make our community special. In fact it gives us a greater obligation to live.  Check out the episode and let us know what you think!

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Show Notes

Ronin Veteran Network: https://www.facebook.com/RoninVN/?fref=ts

Kameron’s Bio: CEO of Ronin Veterans Network, Kameron DeLany served with Marine unit 2nd Btn. 5th Marines and 3rd Btn. 5th Marines. Post service, he moved in Private Security Contracting where he spent the better part of 3 1/2 years in the Middle East and Central Africa. During this time he realized the importance of camaraderie and the significant impact it had on his life and those of his brothers. Upon returning back stateside and starting his career as a firefighter, he began Ronin Veterans Network as a way to help his fellow vets rebuild the much needed camaraderie they once had in the military. Now, Ronin Veterans Network helps organize vets in chapters and they participate in charity drives, workout training groups, outdoor trips, and other rewarding events.

Kameron’s Speech:

There is a common theme that keeps being addressed amongst the veteran military community. It’s an almost silent cry that is being ignored by all those that have failed to experience the great tragedies of war. It is a recognition of a gaping disconnect that grows between two different classes of citizens. More importantly it is desperate plea for a purpose and a way to heal. I am one of many in a generation of warriors that have fought in over a decade of combat spread out on two main battle fronts that are attempting to assimilate into a world we do not understand nor does it understand us. A society that we fought for and love, yet is breaking our heart. This social disconnect and post service way of life has forced most of us into a sense of loneliness and solitude. Into a desperate question of what to do next. And for some 22 of our brothers everyday, it has forced them to end their suffering by their own hands. We are honorable warriors that no longer have a war to fight, we are the modern day Ronin in this generation. Tens of thousands of angry voices that cry “travesty” yet few of us act and fight back. I hear so much from the veteran community and even from my own mouth “There are these things that are wrong with the world, there are all these problems, no one is doing anything, no one cares, I am lost, Iand  have no purpose!” Well guess who’s fault that is gentlemen? Ours!I recently heard a perspective on why veterans miss war. The answer is summed up with “Its not that veterans are psychopaths, its not that they miss killing, or watching their friends get killed. Veterans miss the brotherhood, in some ways they miss the opposite of killing, they miss they connection” Thats the major design for Ronin Veterans NetworkI dont just think, I know for a fact and I believe with strength of conviction that a majorstep in the right direction for healing and regaining our purpose is networking and bringing together all of us veterans. Reestablishing that brotherhood, that camaraderie, that love gets so easily lost when we separate from service. But that we so desperately need back. Like you, I have been there brothers, I have failed myself and had thought those dark, horrible thoughts. Those sick, perverted emotions on and off the battlefield. Ooohhh I have been there. I have been a slave to my environment and my own dark emotions. It’s a monster that will always be inside. But, I now control that monster. I am the master now, not the slave to him. I have failed miserably both in my obligations as a Marine, a warrior, and a protector. And also in my responsibilities to my family and loved ones. But, that is why I now fuckin succeed! Those past mistakes are the fuel to my fire!Are you going to pull the trigger of that gun to your head and take the easy way out? Are you going to let the world tell you what to do? Or are you going to prove to yourself and the rest of the world that our voices will be heard, our power will be seen, and our positive effect will be felt.As self proclaimed warriors, as strong, powerful, wise men, we have an undeniable obligation to the service of our people. If we dare ever claim the titles of alphas and elites, then the truth is, it is a life long journey. And it must be proved in positive action. Our duty never ceases, the same way that honor, valor, respect, and courage should never fade out. We should never think that our duty is over once our service is up.We have proven ourselves in battlefields and conflicts in far off foreign lands, in vicious combat and against incredible odds in austere conditions, but you didnt think that was it did you? You didnt think you could just be the hero overseas and then live an easy life after that huh? You claim to be a warrior? A spartan? An operator, or any other like title? Well then prove it where it is needed, here at home as well. Dont let your best days be behind you brothers, dont keep falling into desperation and depression, stop feeling lost and hopeless. You are not broken, just wounded. So heal yourself! You are better than the life you are living now, you should always strive to become stronger not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. This isnt about reading some quotes and becoming inspired for a workout, this is about moving beyond motivation, beyond belief. This is about showing who you really are inside, the type of person you know you are capable of being. This is a movement for the countless angry voices out there that refuse to quit, that refuse to see what they truly love and have fought for be pushed to the wayside and be run over. This is an organization of all those veteran warriors out there and giving them the tools and resources by which to become more powerful. Give them the means in which to first heal, and then, use their power to benefit those others in need. This is about healing those internal wounds and mastering those demons within, about learning love in order to become the strongest warrior possible. About giving positive energy in order to receive it. About making not a change, but an impact!If you have the capability in any format to make positive change, why not do it? Especially if, you call yourself a warrior. How do you not see this correlation? If you have the ability to save a life, to protect an innocent, to mentor, to aid, to fight for good, to do anything that can help those weaker and less fortunate than you, then why not do it? I for one will not stand idly by and wallow in my own self inflicted misery while a powerful man such as myself has the means to do good. I will not feel lonely again, I will not allow another brother to give up on the gift that is life. To waste the potential that he posses and all the light and positive energy that is capable of giving this world.I chose to open up, to learn, to grow and become more powerful in my capabilities in not only violence, but more importantly in love. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to show that my best days are not behind me. I am prepared to yet again make the necessary sacrifices in order to fight my fight. I know deep down you want to heal, I will give you the tools to do so. Rally together, improve ourselves, combat the issues that are plaguing us. Stop just recognizing and complaining about all the things that are wrong, its time to fucking act!I choose to fight back! I choose to say, my life has meaning! I am a fuckin warrior and will not stand idly by and allow everything and everyone I love and hold dear disappear into the darkness. “Its who I am and its what I do.” I will be a fire that will defiantly rage! I challenge every person that sees the truth to join me. To join me in this fight, come together again, bring back that camaraderie and that feeling of brotherhood we all need and miss. To become a master of themselves and then spread that light to others! I challenge you to step up as this generations warrior class and prove who are! I know who I am. I am Kameron Fuckin DeLany! I am Ronin One! And I know my answer…so what is yours?