Fitness Notes: What’s an Easy Diet I Can Follow?

Fitness Notes: What’s an Easy Diet I Can Follow?

What’s an Easy Diet I Can Follow?

In the age of the online “fitness guru” there are currently hundreds of people trying to get your attention to sell you a new diet every time you log onto social media.

All of them have an angle of some sort. That angle usually consists of some kind of trick or shortcut, new food, new supplement, or new pill that they want you to take.

To make that angle work, they normally need to put things in super complicated terms that do nothing but confuse you. This confusion causes resistance: how can you start a diet if you don’t know what you’re doing?

Well in this podcast, Chris gives you the easiest way to start your nutrition program without any tricks or shortcuts that just confuse things.


Go to the grocery store and choose items that are along the outside walls. This should comprise about 90-95% of what you buy. Take a picture of your haul and post it on the Warrior Soul Fitness Academy private group (join below). We’ll give you some critique and we’ll provide some of you with recipes for what you bought.