Burn the Ships and Follow Your Dreams with Kazy Tauginas from the Equalizer 2

Burn the Ships and Follow Your Dreams with Kazy Tauginas from the Equalizer 2

Burn the Ships and Follow Your Dreams

Regardless of what you do with your life, you are going to run into obstacles. You’ll meet some of these obstacles by choice: like going through the police academy or Marine Corps Boot Camp.

Others can be put in front of you by sheer fate: like an injury or a tragedy.

But, whatever you encounter, it’s important that you take lessons from your experience. Additionally, it’s important that you go all in on your new adventure without looking back.

Our Guest this Week: Kazy Tauginas

Kazy Tauginas is an actor, former restauranteur, and Golden Gloves Boxer who’s appeared in John Wick and The Equalizer 2 along side Denzel Washington.

Kazy came on to talk about his story from his humble beginnings to becoming a restaurant owner, and on into his boxing and acting careers. He also speaks about his work with Lupus and his mother’s battle with this disease.

Through it all, Kazy has used lessons from his experiences to constantly push himself forward. When he decided to become an actor, he burned the ships and dedicated himself to becoming the best actor he could be by investing everything he could into his career. He secured his first roles while sleeping on his friends’ couch and never gave up on his dream.

In this interview we cover:

  • Why Kazy’s early days as an entrepreneur taught Kazy how to manage his career.
  • How the discipline Kazy learned from boxing helped him with his acting.
  • Why burning the ships is an effective way to push yourself forward.
  • What differentiates those who make it in Hollywood from those who get broken by it.

For Kazy’s latest project, Standing 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfjmyqB2LC0

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