How to Face Your Demons and Win with Mike Ergo

How to Face Your Demons and Win with Mike Ergo

How to Face Your Demons and Win with Mike Ergo from Transitions from War

In order to progress in life, you’re eventually going to need to face your demons.

Mike Ergo is a US Marine Corps Combat Veteran, Ironman Triathlete, and former alcoholic and drug addict. He is also the host of the Transitions from War Podcast. At one point, during Operation Phantom Fury, Mike lost so many friends that he accepted that he was going to die. He didn’t.

As he entered the civilian life he didn’t plan on living, he found himself ill equipped for dealing with the memories of his time in combat. Like so many, he found himself turning to drugs and alcohol to get through the pain. These proved to be false allies that simply allowed him to bury his pain deep inside. He was numbed to it, but it was still there scratching away at his insides. He found counseling, went through a 12 step program, and eventually found his peace in endurance sports.

Eventually this led him to compete in Ironman Triathlon. Today, Mike wears the names of his fallen friends on his racing gear, and connects with a local Gold Star Family in each race he runs. His podcast, Transitions from War focuses on helping other veterans to find their peace and educating others on how to train for endurance.

In this episode, you’ll learn techniques to face your demons, identify issues you need to overcome, and how Mike was able to find his own peace through intense physical exercise.

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