How to Never Be Told “No” Again with Steve Sims

How to Never Be Told “No” Again with Steve Sims

How to Win and Never Be Told “No” Again with Steve Sims

Our Guest: Steve Sims

Steve Sims is a guy who get things done. His clientele consists of the super rich. Not the super rich people you might see in the media. These are people who would think nothing of dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single experience.

One of Steve’s most well known feats was getting an entire museum in Rome shut down so that one of his clients could have dinner at the foot of Michelangelo’s David. In the middle of the dinner he arranged for Andrea Bocelli to come out and serenade the couple.

The amazing thing about Steve is that he doesn’t come from money. Steve is a former bricklayer from the east side of London. He prefers tee shirts to fancy suits, rides a motorcycle, enjoys whiskey, and is really down to earth. What Steve has mastered is the art of human dynamics. The ability to get a yes anytime he’s trying to make something happen.

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Steve’s book, Bluefishing, goes into depth about how he does his work. You can get the book and learn more about Steve at

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