One Ultra Marathon a Month with Ben Davis

One Ultra Marathon a Month with Ben Davis

Human beings are fascinated by pushing themselves to the extreme. Whether it be lifting superhuman amounts of weight, or running as fast as possible, feats of physical prowess inspire us to be greater than ourselves.

A growing segment in extreme sports is ultra-marathon- races where runners run 50 miles or more. Normally, when we hear about these races, we think of light and sleek runners.

Ben Davis Is a US Army Veteran, Ultra-Marathon Runner, Coach, and Engineer

Ben Davis defies the norm. At 6’2 and 230 pounds, Ben is far bigger than his compatriots. This adds to the physical challenge, but it used to be much harder for Ben.

After leaving the US Army, Ben settled into a sedentary job and life as a veteran. There his weight rose to over 400 lbs. He was held back from training properly due to physical injury and lack of motivation due to depression and PTS.

One Ultra-Marathon a Month

Ben used to ketogenic diet to overcome both. On his quest, he dropped 120 lbs and committed to running an ultra-marathon a month.

Ben is using his story to motivate other veterans to achieve their own extreme physical feats, and he’s created Arsenal of Hope as a free coaching platform to enable them to do so.