Pain Relievers Can Destroy Your Body and Your Health

How Pain Relievers Can Destroy Your Body and Your Health

NSAID pain relievers are commonly thought of as being low risk and beneficial for headache and body pain relief. When I was younger, and I was drinking a lot, the first thing I would do was reach for a bottle of Motrin the morning after to help with my hangovers. I also know of many bodybuilders and powerlifters who pop a couple directly after their workouts to help with the aches and pains.

But taking NSAIDs is most certainly not without risk. Pain relievers can significantly decrease your body’s ability to recover from workouts, and they can also pose long term health risks. This happens because of a few different reasons.

First, NSAIDs completely shut down inflammation, but your body needs some degree of inflammation in order to heal. Taking NSAIDs immediately post workout or post injury can keep your body from kickstarting the recovery process.

In addition to that, NSAIDs can also inhibit your body’s ability to rebuild the interior lining of your intestinal tract, which needs to happen often to keep your intestinal lining healthy. This can lead to sustained bleeding, leaky gut, and chronic disease.

Other Alternatives

I would most certainly avoid taking NSAIDs any more than once a month. If you absolutely need pain relief you could opt for natural anti inflammatories like Phenocane or Curamin.  **Note, these links are affiliate links and we do make a commission if you buy from those.

Diet and Pain Relief

The best way to live without pain is actually to improve your diet. Ensure that you’re getting adequate Omega 3’s, vitamins, and minerals to enhance recovery and reduce inflammation.

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