Pressure ~ A Gateway into Flow States

Pressure ~ A Gateway into Flow States

Pressure has been a fascinating concept to me, as a former competitive athlete, and now, a coach & student of Life. Experientially, I have been in miraculous situations that defied logic, including a few near-death and outer body experiences. I have been blessed with the effortless Zone States of Awareness (Flow) while playing sports and during emergency situations where I observed the proper response occurring of its own and in slow-mo. I had never been in war but had heard of similar accounts from those who had. After each of these experiences, I was always left in utter awe of what brings about these powerful timeless states and whether others have had these Opportunities of Knowingness. Many have and are coming forth with testimonies as it is no longer taboo.

Upon contemplation, pressure was always present before the Presence of the Essence would prevail with grace. How comfortable one feels in the “uncomfortable” is the paradox one is faced with when under pressure to recognize with strength or to fold with weakness.

Walk To The Edge Of The Known; Spread Your Wings To The Unknown.

In Physic, we know that certain external forces are present that can be measured but cannot be seen, like gravity, for instance. When we move at certain speeds, we can feel the gravitation pull (G-Force) or pressure against our body. Pressure can appear in many forms: altitude changes, temperature variations, fluid dynamics, and etc. The point being illustrated is that pressure is something external. It is a condition that is beyond our control similar to the weather patterns. How someone reacts to wet, windy, and rainy conditions is a choice. The same goes for stress or pressure in Life.

Circumstances in life are just like that. Sitting in traffic is sitting in traffic. Your reaction to the traffic is what creates the emotional heat of road rage. Another person could have been Joe Cool in the same opportunity. When seen from a different perspective or context, the event is what it is – nothing more, nothing less. Events have no power in and of themselves. It is your intrinsic attitude to what is that determines whether you react with force or respond with power. Nothing has control over you other than the one you give it.

In Life, the coolest person always succeeds. When you feel the pressure increase, turn down the heat. Be the I of the Storm and use the physical forces to generate movement, momentum, and creativity.

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