Randall Grizzle: The Greatest Salesman You Never Heard Of

Randall Grizzle: The Greatest Salesman You Never Heard Of

When you think of salesmen, what do you think of? At one point in my life I thought of salesmen as being a bit slimy. I grew up in the tri-state area of New York City and we had this guy Crazy Eddie who would come on the TV and scream about what sales he was running on his appliance stores each week.

Many others think of a sleezy car dealer who’s going to try to get you in a crumby old car at a ridiculous price and for a crazy interest rate.

But the best salesmen aren’t slimy and they aren’t looking to swindle anyone out of anything. The best sales people are actually working with the best of intentions.

Our guest today, Randall Grizzle, looks at sales as a generous act. He’s literally helping people to get over their fears to get closer to their dreams. He operates under a strong ethical code, and that code has given him more success than any sleezy car dealer could ever hope for.

Even though you’ve probably never heard of him, Randall is the man responsible for helping to build companies like Dotcom Secrets into multimillion dollar empires. Now, he’s recently launched a new venture where he’s creating virtual sales floors for companies around the world.

Randall sat down with me to share some of the secrets that have made him successful. You’ll definitely want to listen to this with a pen and paper, and be sure to also get his book Closer Secrets at http://www.closersecrets.com.

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