The Problem with the Peaceful Majority and Why Political Correctness is Useless

The Problem with the Peaceful Majority and Why Political Correctness is Useless

I do not hate muslims and I do not hate Islam.  I don’t hate any religion.  What I do hate are people who kill or harm innocents because of their religion.  I hate ISIS, and I believe that they, and anyone who gives them quarter or aide, need to be exterminated from this Earth.  I also hate the Westboro Baptist Church, the group that shows up to protest at funerals for fallen American warriors because our country tolerates gays.  But they haven’t killed anyone yet.  Why?  Well, yes, their right to protest without causing physical harm to anyone is protected here in the United States, but we often forget an important point.

Why doesn’t the Westboro Baptist Church go further in attacking military installations or blowing up gay bars?  Why don’t they just blow up a funeral? Well maybe they don’t want to go that far, but even if they did they know one thing, those bases, those funerals, and even those gay bars are protected by lawful violence or the threat of lawful violence.  If they violently attacked a veterans’ funeral, the police and federal authorities would be the least of their problems.  Angry veterans, who are very capable of righteous violence would make every effort to get to them first.  Needless to say, those Westboro members who attempted to do violence would be met with immediate force, and those who supported them would be hunted down relentlessly until they were either brought to justice or killed (by authorities if they were lucky). On the same note, you do not hear about veterans or members of the American military violently attacking members of the Westboro Church or planting bombs at their services.  It’s not that many of us do not want to, it’s because we understand the implications of that action and we have a sworn duty to protect freedom of speech.

The problem with Islam’s peaceful majority is that it is peaceful.  Think of Germany during the holocaust.  Hitler’s Nazi party was a small minority of the population.  Yet the German people stood by and watched as millions of Jews were sent to their deaths.  This is because the peaceful majority of Germans had neither the guns nor the will to do anything.  On top of murdering millions of Jews, that small minority of Germans plunged Europe into a world war that left Germany and most of the continent utterly devastated.  Because of a small minority of Germans who gained control of the ability to wield force on a massive scale, Germany was no longer peaceful.  

We keep hearing that not all muslims are terrorists.  Yeah we get that.  I’ve had many muslim friends and I’ve dated muslim girls and all were very cool.  My rack mate at Marine Corps Recruit Training at Parris Island was muslim, and even though he was a complete idiot who kept the whole platoon on the quarterdeck most of the time because of his screw ups, he was not evil.  I’ve lived in muslim countries, and I’ve been deployed to muslim territories.  From what I could tell, most people just wanted to be left alone to live their lives in peace.  The problem with Islam is not  in it’s violence.  Each of the three major religions is violent in it’s own way.  We can read about King David’s wars or the christians on their crusades.  

The problem with Islam is that most of it’s peaceful majority refuses to do anything to stem it’s violent minority.  Islam is a flock of sheep that have been hijacked by a powerful minority of wolves.  For those of you who do not know what I mean by “sheep” or “wolves,” these are terms commonly used to describe peaceful people and those who wish to cause malicious harm to others.  The majority of people who practice Islam are sheep, just like the majority of people who live in the U.S. are sheep.  Sheep are peaceful, and they get eaten by wolves, so they need a population of sheepdogs to fend off the wolves.  As we know, sheepdogs are also violent, but they are there to protect the sheep and their violence is directed exclusively toward the wolves.  Amongst the Islamic population of the world, we see a small minority of sheepdogs.  The Jordanian military, under the brave leadership of King Abdullah, has heroically led air offensives against ISIS and the Kurds are actively fighting them on the ground.  But these efforts are not enough, and until more muslim sheepdogs join the fray in defending their religion from it’s wolves both in international combat and in preventing domestic attacks, ISIS will be the face of Islam.  

Because of this, the rest of the flock will suffer in many ways.  First, as was exhibited yesterday, most state Governors will refuse to allow Syrian refugees to live within their states’ borders.  Is this the most humanitarian thing to do?  No.  Is it horrible for the refugees? Absolutely.  Is there a rational logic in refusing the refugees?  You bet.  Regardless of what way you cut it, or how inhumane it may be, most governors within their right minds are not going to allow the refugees in the wake of these attacks.  This is not an agreement of whether they are right or wrong, but it is a statement of fact.  It’s also not about “right” or “wrong.”  It’s about fear, and right now there is a well founded fear that attacks like the one in Paris will occur on U.S. soil.  

Second, you can expect our government to begin using terms like “radical islam” in the near future.  It’s not happening now, but it will.  We can argue all we want about what Islam is and is not, but that will not change the use of the term.  Peaceful muslims may be as different from ISIS as I, a Roman Catholic, am from the Westboro Baptist Church, but that will not deter use of the term or it’s accuracy in many peoples’ eyes.  The Western civilians beheaded by ISIS and Al Qaeda were not “oppressors” but they carried that label because of ISIS’s views of their governments and that label led to a gruesome death that was much more awful than name calling.  

Finally, you can expect violence on a much greater scale than what even ISIS is capable of.  There will be fields of dead to mark the paths that coalition and U.S. forces took to run the ISIS leadership out of it’s strongholds.  Is this an effective way to fight an ideology?  Maybe not, but it will eliminate their training grounds temporarily as a short term solution to increasing security.  Obviously, ISIS has not learned the biggest lesson we taught Saddam Hussein: The U.S. is just not that patient when it comes to world affairs.  

If the peaceful majority wants to defend Islam, they have no need to attack Fox News or American politicians who blame Islamic culture for the violent minority.  What they need to do is man up like the Jordanians and the Kurds, and begin hunting ISIS.  If not, then a rougher group of men from outside of their culture needs to take on the job.