Things to Hope for for the New Year

Things to Hope for for the New Year

Each year we start like doe eyed children, hoping for the best in the next 365 days.  We make resolutions, and we decide that this year will be different.  But by March, a lot of time, those resolutions have gone out the window.  Rather than making resolutions, I think we should make habits.  Resolutions are hopes.  Habits are actions.

Here are some habits you should take up:

Eat better: Regardless of where you are in your life – young or old – you can always improve your life by eating better food.  Don’t start a diet.  Diets are temporary measures to bring about temporary results.  Making a practice of eating more fruits and vegetables, orgainic and grassfed meats, and other nutrient dense foods every day allows you to get variety out of your diet while leaving space for foods you can enjoy.

Move more: Don’t box yourself into a gym.  The gym is great, but it’s going to be packed like a can of sardines for the next 8 weeks.  Keep a kettlebell in your house and make it a point to get a certain amount of swings in every day.  Rather than driving everywhere, make it a point to walk.  Or, do a set number of burpees everyday.

Read more: The more ideas you have in your head, the more actions you can take to better your life.  Try to read 50 pages each day.  If you can’t sit in one spot and read, load audiobooks onto your phone and listen to them while you train.  The more you learn, the more you do.

Avoid the news and learn more: Most people who come to this site are concerned with world affairs and security issues.  But, paying too much attention to these things can distract us from our own lives.  Take a 50 day information diet and avoid the news altogether.  If something major happens, chances are you’ll find out about it anyway.  Use the extra time to learn something new.

New Years resolutions are for sheep and people who hope.  We don’t believe in hoping for anything.  We believe in taking action and pushing forward.