This is a Shitshow, not Politics

This is a Shitshow, not Politics

I’m not a fan of the Obama’s Administrations policies.  I do think we need to call the recent acts of terrorism for what they are: Islamic extremism.  On the other hand, there is no way I want Donald Trump in the White House.  I don’t want Hillary in either, but this is why I hate Donald Trump even more: If he keeps going the way he is, either Bernie or Hillary will be sitting in the oval office for at least four years.

Why do I dislike the Donald so much?  Well, I can put aside the fact that he managed to avoid service in Vietnam due to a case of bone spurs.  I can forget about the fact that he donated thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton’s senate campaign on multiple occasions, but then magically turned up as a Republican.  I can even put aside the fact that his donations to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee helped Nancy Pelosi to get re-elected in 2006.

What I cannot look beyond is the fact that I think he is still doing what he’s always done: acting.

His simple off the cuff remarks, in my opinion, are not so off the cuff.  He is playing for shock value, and through this, he is putting policies on the table that will not only hurt America, they will put American service members in precarious positions.  Let’s say he get’s elected, we invade Syria, and he initiates his proposed policies to kill the families of terrorists, which is an unlawful order.  Let’s say, by some chance, the chain of command abdicates all sense of duty and orders soldiers and marines to carry out this order.  Those who rightfully refuse to carry out that order would probably be immediately punished, but those who do carry it out will face bigger problems in the long term.  Charges of war crimes will happen, if not then, then years down the line.  This will stain the status of military service members when political winds change, and we will again face a public that is as unfriendly or worse than the public during Vietnam.

Additionally, Trumps call for muslim ID cards and an overall ban of muslims entering this country is the dumbest thing I’ve heard since Obama’s call for more gun control after the San Bernardino attacks.  Everyone who enters this country should be monitored, as is common practice in most countries, but singling out anyone for their religion is racist. Not to mention the fact that we currently have thousands of muslims serving honorably in our armed forces.

Finally, we have Donald Trumps threats today that he will run as an independent if the Republican party does not back off of its criticism of him.  If he does that, a Democrat will win the White House.  These are not the actions of a man who wants to see true change.  These are the actions of an actor who is seeking publicity.