Walking the Bastards’ Road with Jonathan Hancock

Walking the Bastards’ Road with Jonathan Hancock
Bastards' Road - Trailer from Bastards' Road on Vimeo

Jonathan Hancock is a US Marine Corps Combat Veteran who walked around the United States in an effort to deal with his PTSD. He is the subject of the movie Bastards' Road.

Bastards’ Road is a documentary that follows US Marine Combat Veteran Jonathan Hancock on his walk across the United States visiting his fellow Marines while wrestling with his own demons.

After serving with Second Battalion, Fourth Marines, in the bloody Battle of Ramadi, Jonathan finished out his 8 and a half year Marine Corps career in military intelligence. As a civilian, he began attending the University of Maryland.

During this time, Jonathan began to deteriorate. Drinking all the time, missing class, and wrestling with the demons in his head, Jonathan was at the end of his wits.

After attempting suicide, Jonathan decided that enough was enough, and he decided that he was going to walk cross the country visiting the Marines he’d served with and the families of his fallen brothers.

Partway through the journey, a classmate of his from high school who had gone on to be in film-making caught wind of Jonathan’s journey. He reached out and offered to help Jonathan document his journey in a movie. This is what eventually turned into the movie Bastards’ Road.

Bastards’ Road is coming out May 11, 2021, and you can learn more about how to stream it at https://www.bastardsroad.com/.