August 8, 2019 – Conditioning and Stamina

August 8, 2019 – Conditioning and Stamina

A bit of a hectic day today
Meetings this morning
Then VA for bloodwork
Then PT

100 burpees
A 2.5 mile run
Four minute round of tabata pushups

Was pumped for my afternoon work session but…

Power went down
So I’m at a coffee shop trying to focus

Adapt and overcome

Had a whey isolate shake post workout

A paleo bar

A keto style egg quiche (sooo hipster)

And I’ve got a meal replacement shake with me

Not mad the power is out. Everything happens for a reason and the universe has me in a hipster coffee bar for a reason.

Currently, I’m using 1st Phorm products for a few reasons:

  1. I have a lot of respect for their CEO Andy Frisella. The knowledge he puts out on his MFCEO Podcast is absolutely awesome.
  2. They’re good products with great ingredients. They don’t do any of that proprietary blend B.S.
  3. I signed up for their Legionnaire program to earn some extra money for the podcast. Does that mean that I’m going to start wearing 1st Phorm tee shirts and dropping their products everywhere? HELL NO. But if you click on a 1st Phorm link on this site and you buy a product, we will get a small commission that will support the product. And I will tell you exactly what I think of the products without regard for making money.

First off, I can’t stand their pre-workout. I had a sip of it this afternoon before my workout and it made me instantly sick to my stomach, and had to toss it down the drain. Now, I’m super sensitive to stimulants, but I decided to give it a try. I actually should have known better. I’ve had bad reactions to beta-alanine in the past, and this time was no different. I’d pass on that.

I am, however, very happy with their Microfactor and Opti-Greens. Both are very complete. Microfactor is their multi-vitamin pack. Normally, companies get this all wrong. You can tell when a vitamin pack has vitamin D in it, but no vitamin K. Vitamin K keeps the Vitamin D from leeching calcium into your bloodstream, which is not good if it occurs. Microfactor has both in adequate amounts and is really well rounded out as a base supplement.

Optigreens are loaded with great ingredients and they do not make me gag.

As for their other products:

I personally think that Ignition is superfluous. It spikes your insulin 5 times higher than table sugar and I’ve never been a fan of that unless you had a very extreme workout.

Phormula 1 is a good product. It’s their whey isolate protein product and it is very high quality. I’ve been able to tolerate it with a highly compromised digestive system.

Level 1 is also a good product. It’s their meal replacement. It tastes great and the ingredients are high quality.

Overall 1st Phorm is a great company, but as always, supplements should be regarded with a skeptical eye.

If you would like to order 1st Phorm products while supporting the Warrior Soul Podcast, click HERE.